Ghost Image / Burn In


I suddenly have a ghost image on my spectrum that stays visible all the time.

I tried other sources, disconnected the power for some seconds, but this image still stays there. What can I do to get rid of it?

Upgraded to firmware 105 some days ago, can that be a reason?

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EDIT: It seems to get better over time. Maybe it will be gone in an hour or so. Still strange, how can this happen?

EDIT2: After about half an hour, it’s gone now.

Hey @Ranky,

Thank you for reaching out, the team are aware of this issue and it is being investigated. The issue itself seems to be caused by the MacOS picking a default ICC colour profile at random which happens most often when using the chrome browser on specific sites like Youtube/Reddit.

Could you please confirm if you are using a Mac, and the chrome browser?

If so could you possibly try using a different browser I.e., Safari, Firefox, or Brave, and please let us if this issue arises again (Brave is a chromium based browser so not completely sure if this will result in the same issue). This will help the with team’s research, and hopefully will prevent this issue from reoccurring while the team continue looking into this.



thanks for the fast feedback.

Yes I can confirm that I am using macOS and Chrome and when this happened I had opened.


Per at least one report, Safari also may cause this - could you also verify if your macOS device swaps from using the ES07D03 to something along the lines of SD 170M-A (which seems to be some sort of default ICC profile in Macbooks / Pros, anyway)?

The good news is that it goes away with use (not if you turn off the monitor, though, we had a user try for over 12 hours off and it was still there) and doesn’t seem to have had any lasting effects, but we’re still trying to figure out which browsers this happens on - Chrome is thus far the one that has been reported.


Thanks for the information. I’ll try a different color profile and report if it will happen again.


I just had the issue again, Color Profile was set to SD 170M-A.

It happend in the moment when I switched from a desktop with Chrome opened on GitHub to another desktop with Visual Studio Code opened and the blue image still shows the GitHub page.

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While the team continue to investigate this issue and look for a resolution. Could you please check out this post by @NZgeek:
Some simple issues that are fixable? - #2 by NZgeek and check to see if this tool resolves the image retention. This will help with our diagnosis of if a residual charge build-up has occurred and caused by the color profiles being switched. The more information we can gather to assist the firmware team, the better.

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This just happened to me and I am in a bit of a panic, as it really looks quite bad. Just connected my new MacBook Pro via Eve USB-C cable, set refresh rate to variable and color space to P3.

After just 30 minutes of general browsing in Safari (not specific websites like Reddit or YouTube), once I came back to my PC workstation: visible blueish burn-in with horrible flickering across the whole display, displaying a not so faint image of my Mac desktop.

I’ve been running the changing color solution for about 30 minutes but the burn-in just doesn’t go away. Looking a it now it may have faded a bit but it is still clearly visible. I truly worry this can be permanent damage.

I have read that it’s common for some LG panels to come out defective and thus provoking the burn-in. Maybe I have one of these. Should I contact support?

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I had it 3 times now and every time it was gone in 15-30 minutes. I also noticed a slight flickering when on variable refresh rate, but on fixed 144hz I didn’t have flickering anymore.
Next time I’ll also try the color switch tool.

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yesterday the burned in image occured for me aswell :hot_face:
even the burn in fix from @NZgeek did not help.

I am running the spectrum via USB C (TB4) connected to my M1 Max Macbook

today the burn in is already better but still visible :dotted_line_face:

is there a way to prevent it from happening? will future firmware updates fix this issue?

Before my Spectrum i had an Acer Concept D7 CP3 hooked up and had never issues with burn in
(also a IPS Panel)


It has to do with the color profile being used at seemingly unpredictable moments, though the color blue does tend to feature heavily in most of these reports. Still no idea why the Macs are doing this - but that profile has been around much, much longer than the Spectrums have - and these very same issues were also mentioned with those reports (I saw reports going back as far as 2014 with this exact color profile and a burn in issue).

We do have the fw dev team looking into it as well, but even they are stumped for now. All we can do right now is keep collecting data. And massive shout out to @NZgeek for developing that web app to help reduce the time it takes to fade out.


In my case, image retention finally completely faded away after 24 long hours of playing the color changing fix, turning it off for a few hours, and repeat.

I’ve been afraid to plug my Mac to the monitor since then. But it’s my main system and I really would like to. Is there any specific color profile, refresh rate or any setting on the Mac that doesn’t trigger the burn in?

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Is it possible that it depends on the display brightness, how long it takes to fade away? I am using 50% brightness and it never took that long, do you have a higher value?

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The Spectrum profile does not have problems - it’s just when it swaps over to the SD 170M-A profile - which it seems to do randomly and on its own.


BTW, I meant to post some of the articles I had read with regards to the SD 170M-A color profile.

Here are the links now. Any Mac users out there, if you can decipher where this may be a problem / issue, please, let us know! (10 months ago - and the user could not get it to stick to the actual monitor profiles - sounds like what is happening with Spectrum). (5+ years ago - and seemingly, at the time, it was the better profile to use than the actual monitor’s profile).

Appropriate colour gamut and bit-depth for photo editing | (2+ years ago, mentions that these may, in fact, be default color profiles for the MacOS to use when in doubt)

New Monitor Calibration question: I finally made the plunge and purchased a BENQ 3200PT monitor to use as an extended monitor with my MacBook Pro for editing in Lightroom (mostly) and... (Another one from 5+ years ago.)

What color profile for MacBook Pro with External Display? | MacRumors Forums (this one is from 7 and a half years ago. But it does go into a bit of depth in terms of the profiles that MacOS seems to want to use (baked into the OS) versus what the monitor should probably be using).

Now, I know that some of these, especially the older posts, are not going to be helpful because monitors of the Spectrum’s caliber simply didn’t exist much anywhere in those times, but the troubleshooting and recommendations in those threads may help someone (or even spark a lightbulb moment) so that we can somehow, someway, prevent this SD color profile from randomly taking over the system and (as we suspect) cause the image retention to manifest.

So, please, MB and MBP users - if you have an idea from any of these threads (or others that you’ve read) that may help shed more light as to why MacOS randomly swaps a color profile like this, let us know!

Thank you!

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I saw this today and agree that it is somewhat disconcerting; I recently updated to the 106 firmware. I’m running on macOS and have been using the Chrome browser. I haven’t seen the monitor’s colour profile change away from the ES07D03 profile in display settingw, but I’ll keep an eye on that. This morning I also saw an issue when the EVE started flashing with colour/refresh issues. It may not be related to the burn-in problem, but I have since switched off variable refresh rate and fixed at 144hz. The retained image does seems to have now faded.


I think I found a setting how the burn in doesn’t happen anymore:

I changed in the OSD: Picture → Color space from DCI-P3 to sRGB. (And in the macOS display settings the Color Profile from ES07D03 to SD 170M-A so the colors look better again).

Since then, it didn’t happen anymore. Before it was all few days (especially when using GitHub in Chrome). So I think the Color space setting DCI-P3 causes it.


Had this issue twice, went away after starting the display with my windows dp connection. Using M1 Pro


Currently having this issue with a MacBook Air M1

Strangely like the OP image, it’s usually a blue burn in. And yes while it does go away after some time it always comes back and is really frustrating.

I am on the most recent firmware and even installed the updated usb firmware even though it warned of M1 Mac issues. I can say that nothing has changed regardless of the update.

Hey @Majelvey

Thank you for your feedback on this situation. I will inform the team as they are working on finding a solution for this. If you could try what @Ranky said as well and see if that will help your situation.