Getting the official Chrome-os as Dual boot on the V

Hi everybody,

Introducing myself (you can jump that part)
I discovered your project and this community yesterday on Dave 2D.
Well, you can say that this collaborative/open philosophy to crowd develop product(s) got me excited!
I was searching for a chromebook. Now I’m considering getting the V.
I got Macs (osx), PCs (windows) and android devices. Meaning, I am not an O.S. cultist.
But, I like choice, and I have my preferences. Those preferences follow a pattern: I want light, simple, clean, responsive stuff. So, to my suggestion now.

Would your community and founders open to this idea :
Getting Google to allow the V to get official support to be able to boot as a real Chromebook.
I know there is a workaround to install a Chromium source with Neverware. But you don’t have access to the android app store and there are other limitations that defeat the purpose in my view.

I don’t know if/how this would be possible or hard to put in place.
Does this idea interests more of you than only me ? :wink:



If that would be come true, I definitely would try it out. It could be interesting for some android games to play natively on the V. But I couldn’t imagine another use case than games… Anything else you also have on windows I guess.


I’m guessing Chrome would run even better on Chrome OS with the V. And it would be the only other core i7 Chrome OS device in the market other than the Pixelbook. And it’s a tablet too. Yum.

Sad that this thread isn’t more vibrant. :frowning: Ultimately, we want a device that does as much as possible.

I recently bought a Chromebook for my mum and I really like it. Easy to work with and always fast. With the fingerprint reader, touchscreen, bluetouth keyboard, the eve would be a really interesting chromebook!
Is it worth putting energy in chromeOS now, when google is openly working on Fuchsia (new Google OS?). Would it be interesting to make Fuchsia work on Eve for future proofing?