Getting ready for the new V

Hello all,

Man, its hard waiting for my V to arrive as I am a LEB and I hope it will arrive soon.:roll_eyes: I am already ready for the V as I have reconfigure my desk for it. It seem like the V is like a new born baby and I am already getting it all ready for it.

I am almost ready though, got my 2 new 27in 4k monitors, hooked up to monitor arms, and a new Mantiz MZ-02 Venus EGPU with thunderbolt charging, USB and Gig network, and also an extra Sata connection internally.

If you want to know about the EGPU, check it out here I can’t say it will work as I don’t have the V, but once I do get it, I can let you all know.

I am still missing my Video card, but still deciding on what to get as I do not know which Video card would be good with the V. I am thinking about AMD RX 580 series, or Nvidia 1070. I think the 1080 are too expensive and may not be worth it. Can anyone who has the V and an EGPU give some guidance on what seems to be the middle ground.

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I have the same egpu. Don’t a card for it yet. Waiting till the last minute for a deal. I’ll probably go with a rx 570. The 580 would probably bottleneck hard

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I didn’t think the RX 580 would bottleneck the thunderbolt port, but I am unsure about it. I am just hoping that it can handle the 2 4k monitor I got with some casual gaming.

The cpu won’t be able to feed the card fast enough. You can get a better idea how it would run. Check out and look around there. It helped me a lot to better understand

Thanks, didn’t think about the CPU not being fast enough, I was thinking that the GPU should be faster so to limit the amount of lag/degradation (may have use wrong term) that may happen.

You’ve gotta have a balance between processor and graphics card, beefing up one without the other is just a waste of money.

I think the better thing to do would be to get a mid-grade graphics card, like the GTX 1050ti or 1060. You won’t be able to play games on max graphics, but it’s a solid card that should complement the processor in the V quite well, while still being at a good price point.


Isn’t the Nvidia 1060 equal to the RX 580 and are in the same price point?

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Pretty much, I just lean towards Nvidia usually. Something around that
price point would be ideal I think for the V, brand doesn’t matter much.

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Nv 1060 or ati 570 or the 470 which are pretty much the same cards should be alright.

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i shared a V + egpu bench here btw. fwiw the bottleneck is real lol.

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Still pretty good benchmark even with the bottleneck. Running the game at native resolution. Running at a lower resolution and settings would do the performance quite well

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This article gives some indications what kind of eGPU setup is suitable for the V.

Personally I would prefer nVidia GTX 1050Ti as this setup can be quite small in size. But you have already an eGPU enclosure, so nVidia GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX570 is probably a good match.

i agree, something like the 1060 or 1050 ti would be just right. the fans on my 1070 barely spin up.