Garden photo's and so on, totally off topic

Garden photo’s / descriptions

Just for the fun, keep mud from flying around and appreciate what is beautiful.

picture is missing, or surprisingly white.

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The rainy season started, makes the garden green again.


Where is this beautiful place ?

Gabon, Afrika

Thanks for sharing. I love seeing that greenery. I was born 2000 meters above sea level (7000 Feet) smack in the middle of Mexico and the native vegetation is way different (High dessert).

well, this is not garden but the side of our house… somebody thought the groundcover-plants are a nice, cool bed to relax in…
I also live in the desert, all green plants here are human planted…

Come on people I would love to see more “garden” photos! :smiley:


Nice kitty! that’s your profile

So @AML do you keep elephant?:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Take a shoot as well!

We got first snow for this winter in Calgary …

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Make Gardens Green Again!


And adds flowers :blush:

Have pictures, but happily not in my garden :smile:

The look on that cat’s face is priceless. He just doesn’t care :joy:


Did someone say flowers? :blush: That’s the best I’ve got right now. Garden days are done here in until spring.


A beauty, any idea about ‘who’ it is ?

No. I’ve been wondering the same thing. All I know is it came off the shelf at Home Depot.

It is a “lipstick plant” (Aeschynanthus rasta), with the calyx still there. On the photo below one sees calyx and the very red (lipstick) crown.

Google has a lot of info about it.

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Do you have pictures (after rain = lots of flowers I suppose)?
(see BBC article):
Spectacular super bloom transforms South African desert - BBC News

Lol. All we got in sydney this winter was a hail storm. Legit it was about 20-30cm deep outside. So close to snow yet so far.