Gaming experience: V+ external graphics card

Hello everyone
As the title mentioned ,an idea came up about making a professional video related to the power of a V with or without an external graphics card in the gaming field (And why not in the architecture ans sketches) even if the product is not specifically intended to excel in these field. I would say that, for many, gaming on a tablet might be very innovative and could have an economical impact as a secondary field you can master with the V

This review could be similar to the Asus transformer 3 pro which has thunderbolt port

Such review could be similar as the youtuber does Dave2d and it would be better if a full review with the V’s rivals could be present too


Do it !
If possible yesterday please.


Very good idea. Even though there might be threads regarding eGPU performance I believe a video would be more interesting for a lot of people (including me) who might not want to read through it all.
I want to use the V with CAD software and light gaming so a video showing eGPU performance would really interest me. And while we’re all still waiting for the Team to get the Vs out to the masses I think a professional video like that is potential advertisement at the least!


Don’t forget that all the threads we have so far are either prototype experiences or speculation. Nobody has received a final V yet, they’re still being assembled.


Good point. I suppose once the review units and HEBs are shipped, those videos (however professional) will start to surface anyhow.

Once I get my tablet from the first batch I will make a dedicated thread about gaming performance and using the tablet as a gamedev machine with and without an egpu.

So I will test multiple softwares like Unreal 4, Substance Designer and Painter, Photoshop, 3DS Max and Maya.

The GPU will be either a GTX 1070, 1080, Vega 56 or Nano


Sounds awesome! I’ll be checking that out. How much bottlenecking is expected due to TB3 bandwidth and y-series CPUs? With laptops and U-Series CPUs i read something like 10-15% performance loss. I imagine a smaller Card like a 1050 might cut it.

It doesn’t really depend on the CPU. These numbers are not for overall bottleneck (because it’s very subjective, depends on the application and you can’t write a specific percentage for it), they’re for comparing GPU performance with the same processor but limited bandwidth. They’re not comparing a 4.5W CPU to a desktop CPU like that, because obviously desktop CPU would win. They’re comparing a desktop CPU with x16 and x4 graphics card connection.

So the real performance loss compared to a desktop would be 10% OR some random number depending on your game, caused by the CPU bottleneck, whichever is higher.

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Thanks to @Konstantinos , we now have an approximative look for this section
Take a look at Mystery Box Test - YouTube