Gaming Desk Ideas

Anyone know of a good desk that is somewhat affordable in the US. I know of the Ikea Karlby/Alex combo, but that still uses particleboard. Want something that can handle my dual monitor mount.

I have no idea for your (what is cheap or expensive) but there must be more requirements. How big do you want it? How high? Souls it be adjustable? Color?

That said here are my 2 cents: don’t get a cheap desk. Desks last a long long time. Cheap ones not only severely limit your usage. They have several issues varying from unstable (which gets really annoying really quick) to straight up breaking with the risk of destroying more expensive stuff in the process.

A easy way to get an affordable desk is to watch for business faillissement auctions. Maybe there are specific websites for it?


Now that I have been looking around online I think I may build one myself. Either plywood or planks joined together. Then I can get those Ikea Alex shelves for storage under the desk. That way I will have a solid surface to attach my dual screen mount to without worrying. I do not need anything fancy like sit/stand or RGB.


Thats what I’m doing rn. So much more cost effective for better quality and personalization.

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Main reason why I’m not doing it is because I want a sit-stand desk. Can’t do that with ikea shelves as the legs :stuck_out_tongue:

Do remember you need to reinforce the desk surface though. If you only use a wooden top it will sack over time


Hello there,

Arrozi Arena is a pretty solid desk. I have a dual monitor set up on it with a mount. Below is the link to there website. You can find one for cheaper on Amazon or bestbuy.



Build it I got about 160 in this one


So I finally have an update on this. The desk is finished and just have to let the finish harden for a few weeks. Went a bit overboard on this, but should last me a lifetime. Made it from solid Black Walnut. Have a floating shelf in the back that goes 75% of the length. At the end I will have my desktop tower. Spent about $500 on materials to make it.