G-Sync working in HDMI but not DisplayPort after v107 firmware update


I recently updated to the v107 firmware after having the screen for some time. Until recently I had always used DisplayPort, however after the update when playing games on PC using my 3080ti I found that the monitor would black out whenever Adaptive-Sync was enabled.

Using the nvidia Pendulum test I was unable to select the G-Sync option which confirmed my suspicion that this was causing the issue. When using an HDMI 2.1 cable with VRR enabled however I am able to use G-Sync within the demo.

Obviously this is not a huge issue as there’s no real difference between the two, but I thought I would share my findings here in case anyone else runs into the same issue. Hopefully this gets corrected in the next update!

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Hey @business.casual thanks for sharing! Will let the team know to so they can look more into it!

I found a way to fix this, for anyone experiencing this issue you need to disable G-Gync in the Nvidia Control Panel then re-enable it.

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Hey there,

Thanks for sharing your findings!

When you said “black out”, how long did the screen turn black before it turns back to normal?

It would remain black until I exited the game