G-Sync switching off by itself


I have the following problem with my Spectrum ES07D03:

Very often when I have used my MacBook and then switch to my PC for gaming, G-Sync is not working anymore.

Then I have to manually open the OSD, go to Performance, disable Adaptive-Sync, and enable Adaptive-Sync again, then it is working.

Here are the exact steps to follow, how I can reproduce every time that G-Sync is not detected:

  • Using a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018, macOS Big Sur 11.6.1) via USB-C
  • Using a PC (Windows 10, GTX 1070) via DisplayPort
  • Using the latest Firmware 104
  1. Use PC → verified that G-Sync is working via Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Switch off PC (DisplayPort) and switch on MacBook (USB-C)
  3. Put MacBook to sleep and wait for display to go to sleep
  4. Power on MacBook, let display wake up via USB-C
  5. Switch off MacBook and switch on PC, let display automatically switch to DisplayPort
  6. Now G-Sync is not detected

For me this sounds like something that could be fixed via firmware update.

Hi, @Ranky

Thank you for reporting this with the data that you’ve provided. I cannot find another instance of this exact issue, so I’m making a note of it to bring to the attention of our firmware team.