Future of a Lineup?

With such a high demand for the new new all the time I thought it’d be cool to give a certain flair to the idea of a future lineup.

Introducing-- wait for it

With all the hype surrounding the newest flagship devices every year, why not throw a wrench in the cogs of life and surprise the world with some (clean) pirate themed marketing. By using boating terms and names - it addresses that there’s another ship in the water and it doesn’t have the same sails as the others.
“Flagship Killer”
“Man of War”

Different devices would be named according to their size respectively…

I think the perfect commercial would go something like this:
(Imagine a white sky and white waters, sort of set up like a redbull cartoon commercial)

×A quite and busy bay is filled with boats
×The sails seem to be monotone or only consist of a few muted colors
×In comes a sailboat with an unidentifiable sail (Eve)
×People are shocked
×Fade to white, show specs and name with $


It might be funny to set it in ancient times and have the boat pumping techno or something as it strolls in, carrying everyone who helped make it onboard.

Hi Michael! Well written post! Certainly an intriguing idea :wink: thanks for contributing!

Let’s see what others think too

p.s. haven’t seen you here before! welcome!


I would surely like that as a man who is building ships for twenty years now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
###Eve HMS Dreadnought

Here is the link for that revolutionary battleship :wink: