Future hardware improvements to Spectrum 4K

Hi all,

with the recent updates and announcements on the ES07D02, I’ve lost track of all the improvements (glossy version, 32 dimming zones, overclocking) / products EVE is currently working on.

I am currently looking for a second 4K monitor, but for me there is no other monitor that comes close to the spectrum in terms of features and design. Given the improvements mentioned on the 240Hz model, are there any hardware based changes to the 4K model in the future or is a glossy version the only change planned?

I’m in no rush, but if there’s something worth waiting for, I could see myself sticking with my current setup for a while.

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Hey @Hairo,

There are no current planned hardware improvements for ED07D03, but if you have any suggestions we would love to hear!

It would be pretty great if the 32 dimming Zones (or even more) would make their way into the 4k Model. If there is a change to the dimming Zones, making them brighter at the same time would also be welcome 1000 Nits would be the dream, but the step-up to 800 would go a long way as well.


How about persuading LG Display to downsize their new OLED.EX display to 27" and 32"? More dimming zones are definitely also needed (I would say waaay more than 32), but I’m guessing this would come with the OLED.EX display along with perfect blacks, and now higher brightness with the .EX technology.


i would like LG to do an oled.ex 32" inch as well. 1,000 nits minimum.

Exactly, that would be an AWESOME monitor (I’d prefer 32"), and I’d jump on that in a heartbeat, even though I already have the 4K Spectrum.

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I am going for another Spectrum then. An increased amount of dimming zones would have been worth the wait.

@Emil_Bormann Unfortunately, I don’t see this coming anytime in the near future.

Hey @Hairo, @Emil_Bormann, @LoneWolf, @PaulWBal,

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’ll pass these great suggestions to the team, and in the future we could potentially look into these suggestions for implementing in a future version of Spectrum. :slight_smile:


Any chances what someone from the team can clarify how 32 dimming zones are arranged on that new 1440p panel? Is it still edge lit or those zones are arranged in 16X16 pattern?

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Not possible. You can’t take display and cut it. Size of pixel is different for monitor and tv panel. OLED is not ready for daily use monitors.

For rev 2 good to have - new LG IPS panel with additional coating for black contrast boost.
Change control joystick to a sensor bottom panel as is in Huawei displays.

Hi @Festour,

Not a problem. Just to confirm, the zones are still edge lit :slight_smile:


Glad to see that the ED07D03 and the ES07D02 are getting glossy versions. I realize that it is highly unlikely that any of my wishlist will make it into the Spectrum, but I figured what the hell. As mentioned above, 32 dimming zones (or even more) would be a welcomed addition. The pair of HDMI 2.1 ports being upgraded to HDMI 2.1a would be a benefit I believe. (HDMI 2.1a is an upcoming revision to the HDMI 2.1 stack and adds a major new feature, Source-Based Tone Mapping, or SBTM. SBTM is a new HDR feature that offloads some of the HDR tone mapping to the content source (like your computer or set-top box) alongside the tone mapping that your TV or monitor is doing.) Upgrading both of the DisplayPorts from 1.4 to 2.0 would also be pretty sweet. Bumping the HDCP from 2.2 to 2.3 would be icing on the cake. Definitely am looking forward to being able to get a glossy 4K Spectrum.


i would like to see these improvements as well if I’m going to be tempted into getting a glossy 4k spectrum revision. Eve have been listening to our feedback. like with the 2k model they made improvements with higher dimming zones, increases to the HZ to 280hz and a glossy model to choose. @ReignDespair if you could pass @Burnsington comment to the team would be great! Thanks!


Much appreciated on the forum “upvote” so to speak. I believe that Eve was trying to get DisplayPort 2.0 in the original Spectrum models but that the hardware wasn’t quite ready in sufficient quantities as DisplayPort 2.0 had only recently been finalized. I can’t remember exactly how long ago that was now, maybe late 2019 or 2020 sometime. Well it’s 2022 now so perhaps despite the ongoing component and material shortages and shipping woes, there ought to be enough hardware out there to do it. No harm in some wishful thinking.


HDMI Arc would be good.
Speakers designed and styled to match the Spectrum and offered as an option like the stand is would be good. Possibly clip on the monitor design but taking the signal from the digital source not the headphone out.

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HDMI Arc and optional speakers that are styled to match the Spectrum and offered as an option for those who want it would be great. I’d honestly love to see them move from an edge-lit local dimming array backlight to a full array local dimming backlight. Sure it would probably add anywhere between $100 to maybe $300 to the monitor (just guesstimating there) but it would really allow the HDR to be worth using.

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This problably isn’t the right place to post this but i couldn’t find anywhere else so here i am.

Im not surprised the power supply on my eve spectrum can get pretty hot sometimes since it’s running at 4k144hz.

It doesn’t seem to matter if im playing a game at 4k144hz or watching tv at 4k60hz.

The power supply seems to constantly get decently hot while the monitor is on. Am i the only one that has their power supply get hot or is this normal and all power supply on every unit get hot and its just normal when it goes though production ?

I did turn off then unplug the monitor and waited till the power supply got to room temperature then plugged it back in but the same thing happened not sure if im the only one ?

Ars Technica have just reported that Cooler Master are releasing a new mini LED monitor in Q2/Q3, priced at $699.

According to the initial tech specs it’s a 4K 160Hz IPS panel with 576 dimming zones, made by AU Optronics. It would be very interesting to see how colour accuracy compares to the LG panel used in the Spectrum. Even if the accuracy isn’t quite as good, FALD and 1200 nits peak brightness should mean that it’ll be a lot better at HDR content.

Maybe Eve needs to start talking to panel makers other than LG, or at least use this to leverage LG into making mini LED panels at a decent price.


yes. i agree. i would like more dimming zones, higher nits, mini leds or quantum dot. I’m fine with 144hz. they should have a panel that allows the HZ to be overclocked for those who want to overclock their monitor. Glossy screen with earc support. all this spec within 1,000$ would be nice.