Future firmware update - suggestion for joystick

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to throw this up for the FW dev team.

I used to have a Dell and one feature I loved was the ability to customise some of the buttons.

I would love it if you could customise what the joystick does when the menu is not showing. For example, I don’t really use the framerate display toggle (LEFT on the joystick), but I constantly change inputs between USB-C and HDMI, so it would be cool if I could change it so LEFT on the joystick selected USB-C Input and RIGHT selected HDMI input.

Just a thought, keep up the good work!

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This is a request we have gotten before and it is not something we can currently implement - @MarvyMarvz is on the case. Keep an eye on the firmware wishlist for future updates on this request (and others).

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