Future Features of the V - Drivers

Hi! Now that the first Vs are delivered I thought it would be interesting to talk about what we could get out of the V through future Driver updates. As far as I remember, there were a lot of small things, where the Team said they will deliver that as a future update. What could we expect? Is there any Roadmap?

Also I want to revisit the question, whether it is possible to use the V as a Display via thunderbolt 3. I’m thinkin about the new use cases such as the Desktop mode of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro or the Galaxy S8 via USB-C.

Maybe this thread could summarize ideas and Infos about Software Update possibilities of the V!


I am most concerned about battery life improvements.


yes… this is what im looking for also… V’s as a display… :smiley:


Being able to use the V as a second display would be awesome for me as well, both on the short period and the long period.
I’m not entirely sure how feasible it is, however.

Apart from that, it is my understanding that drivers are quite standard (correct me if I’m wrong) so there’s limited need and possibility for improvements on this front.
I would guess there is some margin for improvement when it comes to battery management (in particular when it comes to capping charge to a certain threshold).

A roadmap or a “broad set of goals” if any would be nice to know for me as well, though we have to remember that it’s a small company with limited development resources.


Just make sure that the most important BIOS functions are touch enabled and I can tweak as much as I want. Then I’m happy :slight_smile:
Oh, and keyboard lights changing in accordance to the desktop background colour (like the Windows 10 task bar for example), because then I’d like and use the keyboard colours :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure how easy/possible the latter is though :sweat_smile:

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I had in mind to create a new thread but maybe this is the one I should use :smiley: :
QUESTION :blush:
==> are there any small or medium (I hope no big) flaws in the V in general known right now which would need improvement in the future?
…or, which are already targeted to get worked on, in future? <==


Ipad has such software ‎Duet Display on the App Store
maybe we can establish some partnership with them?

There weren’t in my prototype long ago, so I suppose it’s more a matter of tweaking than any real change.

Maybe battery life could be improved, but I would not hold my breath.

@Filippo_Possenti Windows 10 can do this natively! But it still won’t work as well as a wired connection.


oh … I dream about a hard(ware) button contolling brightness ON THE TABLET-part!
(Usually, apps do not know what brightness I need)… b/c I use the tablet often without keyboard.
On the Surface, I created a shortcut link on the start menu to the display settings in order to control brightness (more than the 4 steps in the quick settings)… but a real button would be so nice!!
Future feature? :wink:

Just continuously update the motherboard firmware and CPU microcode when they are released.

Just a tip.

Holding the Fn key in combination with a press of the Backspace or Del keys on the Type Cover will change your display brightness.

I can’t understand why there is no real brightness slider in the windows quick settings.

Like on my phone

Is anyone aware of a simple and quick solution to reach the slider with less clicks?

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Microsoft also offers its own solution so we will all have it by default…
… but one thing is a secondary display running over a network connection and another is one actually working as a display.



May be, but there will be many folks around who will consider this as a bridge too far.
Microsoft is a village, Apple the other village (and vice versa). Between those villages one will find many defensive walls.

It’s possible somebody could write a script to install a brightness slider next to the volume slider in the taskbar (if there’s not already one that does this).

At least one such app exists:


Sadly this can only work wireless and not over hdmi like discussed here:

But maybe there will be a Software solution for this by Microsoft. But there most probably will be a delay when using the pen (what would be the main point in my opinion to use the V as a Display for my PC)

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Thanks for that summary… Really sad it isn’t possible :confused: When I thought about using it as external display I wasn’t even thinking of using the touchscreen too, even if that would also be great. But seems like we won’t get this in our Vs…

I installed the TouchMe Gesture Studio app and set brightness up to 3 finger clockwise rotation and brightness down with 3 finger counterclockwise rotation