Freesync Premium Pro Support

Hey Community,

Just curious of the status of Freesync Premium Pro Support? I can see that the Eve is on the official list of supported monitors (yay!) and I can see that the monitor says “Freesync Premium Pro” in the settings when HDR is enabled. However in the drivers section the monitor still shows as “adaptive sync” instead of FreeSync which is different to what I had on my last FreeSync monitor. I note that @Lore_Wonder mentioned support was coming in a firmware update in the future. Just wondering if thats still the case or if its part of the 105 update?


It is supported. You need to have Adaptive Sync enabled in the monitor, as well as in Radeon CP, and HDR enabled in windows. Top row middle column should then display Freesync Premium Pro instead of SDR.


Thanks for your answer. I did see that but just confused as to why it doesn’t show a free sync in the driver settings as that differs from my last monitor. But if that’s all you think I’ll need to do I am happy with that

Can confirm that as of AMD Adrenalin version 22.3.1 the monitor now shows up as a Free-sync Premium Pro within the driver settings (just incase anyone else has issues with this too)

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