Forum Home confusion

For a long time I’ve been confused by two different Home links in the header of this forum.
From left to right, the header shows:

  • Eve logo
  • Search entry field and button
  • Home icon
  • Question mark (help)
  • Menu
  • My account

Clicking the Home icon takes me to the company homepage
Clicking the Eve logo takes me to the forum homepage

In my logic, I’d say these should be swapped:

  • Eve logo should point to the company homepage
  • Home icon should point to the forum homepage

I know that there is a common guideline to apply the top left logo as a link to the homepage of the current site, yet I am confused. Am I alone in this?


I wouldn’t swap the eve logo to link to Eve-tech. I think the icon for “home” should be changed to something else. Not entirely sure what, maybe a laptop/computer icon? Especially since the forum would have a lot more returning visitors (I suspect that is the case).


I would agree with you – and I also have been confused by that.


maybe its just me but every time i click on that by accident, i think to myself: “…what the hell is this? oh right - i keep forgetting the home button goes to the shop, ugh.”

…hey guys, i think i have an idea for what that icon should be instead

It is the “HOUSE” logo

That is what is creating the confusion.

It’s simply not needed, specially in that location.

I think the house logo is unnecessary and misleading.
Maybe a Community badge or something representing the community should replace it.
Anything but a house…

I don’t remember what was there before, but it worked better than now.
when you click on any Logo on a page on the net, it will almost always take you to the actual home page.
That’s an accepted standard now.

I don’t understand why it was made a less intuitive than it was before.

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Never had a problem with this.
I expect it to bring me back to the community.
Remove the other symbol.

told you, @Pixel - look, i found one already.

Don’t start shooting them just yet though. Round them up first. Less effort.

I agree with the OP (original poster) :slight_smile:

While I partially agree with you, there are a few reasons we don’t do this.

I’ll try to go over what is going on, why we do what we do, and what we can do:

The home and support links are acheived using

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.4">
api.decorateWidget('header-icons:before', helper => {
    return helper.h('li', [
        helper.h('a#home-button.icon', {
            title: 'Home'
        }, helper.h('i.fa.fa-home.home-button-icon.d-icon')),

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.4">
api.decorateWidget('header-icons:before', helper => {
    return helper.h('li', [
        helper.h('a#home-button.icon', {
            title: 'Support'
        }, helper.h('i.fa.fa-question.home-button-icon.d-icon')),

in the /head (which I stole from Add new link on header beside search icon - tips & tricks - Discourse Meta) and the following css:

a#home-button {
    opacity: 0.7;

@media (max-width: 365px){
    a#home-button {
        display: none !important;

(That last bit is to make sure that the icons disappear if there isn’t enough space to show them on the same row as the logo, so if anyone ever encounters them pushed down to another line, please contact me and I’ll sort it out.)
I will refer to these as the header links

The house icon was always supposed to just be a placeholder icon, but I still haven’t found anything that I feel would work better (suggestions appreciated).

The logo/link in the left corner is the builtin home button. I will refer to this as the home button.

Previously (on the default theme), the home button was removed and there was a copy of it above the header, along with a couple of header links.

This approach had a couple of problems. First is that it generated a second header, which made a lot of wasted space. Second is that the home button was removed globally (inside topics as well), which meant that it couldn’t be used as a one click button to get to the home page.

It might be possible to use the old approach, hiding the home button on the home pages and generating one that looks like it which goes to, and changing the header link one to go to the community home page.

The problems with this however is that it will be a jarring experience that the home button in topics will take one to the the community home page, but on the community home page take one to

Alternatively, we could change the home button logo to be something along the lines of
(with proper style, this is a quick mock-up I made in

and replacing the house in the header links with the eve logo. This is currently my favourite approach, but I am open to any suggestions.

The issue with this is that I would need some help modifying the header link code (or just writing a new one) that would allow it to use any icon/ image, because as far as I can tell, the current one only works with Fontawesome icons.

I think to replace the home icon in the community you could use something like the eve-tech favicon, or change both such that they match. The house symbol is a bit misleading.

Instead of the eve image in the community, the “eve community” icon is a good idea (and use the same icon to link to the community on eve-tech


In the previous page that was used, I loved the fact that I could click on what was the word community and it would of course take me there.
No ambiguity or confusion at all.

Why was that removed?

Now there is no clear or obvious indicator to take you to the community.
You have to guess or click to find it.

As I said before the current situation is not intuitive.

I understand the need for it to be mobile and tablet optimised.
But surely it can be simpler than it is for now, specially for newbies.

BTW I use a laptop mostly.

You could but since it links to the eve-tech page I wouldn’t do that :stuck_out_tongue:
I could dig a little in the code and give you a code to place in which you could essentially place whatever you’d like. Would you want that?

Also, if you guys purchase Font Awesome 5 pro you get a triangle shape, which is possible to flip upside down with css.

But if you’re limited to Font Awesome (free) I would suggest using the computer icon or the shopping cart icon.

I mentioned it above, but it was because it created a lot of empty space, was a duplicate link (clicking the home button does the exact same thing) and it couldn’t show up on mobile.

That was an alternative to have it link to If we changed the logo to “eve community” it would work exactly like does now.

If I understand this correctly you can give me code that would allow me to put a link that looks like whatever I want wherever I want? If so, I would really appreciate it.

It’s something I’ve considered, but I need to talk to our finance people about it.

Though there is also the question of whether the link to is needed. I’ve never used it myself, and I must admit the main reason it’s there is that it was there on the old default theme, and I just carried it over.

So, polls:

Do you use the link?

  • I do
  • I don’t

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If you use it, does it need to be there, or could it be in the hamburger menu instead?

  • Header
  • Hamburger menu

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I think the poll is a bit skewed in favor of people using the community.
The purpose of the link towards eve-tech (imo) would be to direct people who accidentally get on the forum while they want to access the main website. And thus, I would not remove it. A shopping cart would direct people towards the main website, but only those who are looking to buy. Not necessary people who are looking for specs.

I’ll dig into the code tomorrow or early next week and see what I’ll come up with. I doesn’t seem to be a big thing to tackle.


Clicking the ‘community’-link on opens the community in a new tab, though.

Yes it does open another tab, but I don’t think it did before.
I don’t remember it doing that. because I never opened or had the need to open the page.

It’s already starting to show a strong and definite trend.

I’m not really a fan of hamburger. Murtabak or gozleme are my preferred choices.

I just logged out a few minutes ago, and what I saw and realised, is what I think has made it so different.
At least to me.

After logging out of the forum a pop up text box asks me to “refresh” and after refreshing it reopens in the Eve-tech page. Why? (unfortunately I am not a fan of that page, and I have always disliked it)

Now, having noticed that, I just logged straight back in to write this post.
And of course I now have an extra tab unnecessarily open, instead of just this one.
Previously I am fairly sure I would click on “community” and go directly to the forum before and it just redirected, without opening a second tab.

I don’t remember this happening before the changes.
And I must say I often don’t log out because I usually leave my laptop or desktop running continuously for days and only sometimes put it in sleep mode.

Again I say it’s really no big deal, but a little annoying.


Hmm. I agree with this.

For us, it’s a mild inconvenience. For them, it leads to where they had intended to go. I hadn’t considered that.

Still, it isn’t clear that that would be so.

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I’ve found this today. Is anyone else having the same problem?
BTW, it’s a 5 inches 16:9 screen, nothing strange