Form factor of next eve device

I think that the most important part of the next v device is design for these reasons. I think that if we redesign the laptop we can get so much more attention which is great for a small company like eve and creating something that no one else makes is also extremely important for a small company for profitability reason. Making something better then someone else is good but making something that is good but nobody else makes is better. as for my ideas on design i think that it must have 2 screens like a Nintendo DS maybe.

You mean this?

might be interesting… but also might be hard to get it right for the user, imo. Typing would be difficult.

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Nah, there were multiple attempts at a dual screen laptop, they all failed. For a simple reason: the second screen is way less useful than an actual hardware keyboard.


one word: AR
the next V computer will be worn on the head

That’s actually two words :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d like to disagree with both AR and dual screen.


The logical next step is a V+, LTE and GPS. Use a plastic rear case, or plastic panel similar to iPad to achieve signal transparency.

Beyond a V+, something similar to the Surface Book with a 2nd battery and dGPU in the lower chassis would be my choice.

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I think that this problem could be solved pretty easily you could have it come out from inside the laptop it would have to be 15.6 inch for this also if you have any ideas yourself it would be good if you could add thanks

do you have any ideas

Cone out from inside? Can you elaborate?

you could have it come out of the front of the laptop under the trackpad

Thank you for this post. Now I don’t have to bother posting the same thing.

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No, that doesn’t work… It would require a complex mechanism and make the laptop really thick…

That’s what they have planned for LTE model of Eve V :slight_smile:

I’m sure they have the know how to pull it off. The MS dynamic fulcrum hinge is a work of art, but seems overly complicated for what it is.

As for thickness, there has to be a trade-off if you want a proper GPU. The guys who need/want this feature I’m sure wouldn’t be complaining if the device gained a few mm.

I’m not sure if a V+ would make sense in, for example, 2018. Right now, besides LTE and GPS, which I would argue arent enough of an improvement to warrant a completely new device, there isnt much in terms of hardware improvement that we can do. No really new/better CPUs, no better batteries, no better screen…

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Yes it wouldn’t justify an upgrade to V original owners, but would enhance their product offering once they go mainstream via the web shop.

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Exactly. It’s not like I’m going to buy a new device anyway, as good as it might be. Most people don’t buy devices every year. So when Eve creates a new device, they should either focus on accessories or on expanding their customer base.

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I would like my 5 cents here!

We will definitely do a V upgrade eventually. Right now the earliest we think it would make sense is 2019 Q3 or so due to technological roadmap from Key Vendors.

4G and colors are a bit different topic and we will make sure to discuss it with community once we ship.

As for the next device form factor it will come down to few things:

  1. What is technologically avaliable (talking of CPU mainly) and what Intel and Microsoft would want to support the most in terms of form factor.

  2. Make sure that next project we do is a step up rather than a leap up in terms of complexity so that we could can solidify our learnings and use Emdoor as a partner. We want to make sure that we can apply all of the learnings from V in the next project.

The purpose of the next project is to create an awesome device improving the whole development process based on V (we learned sooooooo much!) we will improve everything starting from community development all the way to production and lead times.

After the next project we will be able to go for something truly different like a new type of Phone, All in one, or who knows what it would be :slight_smile:


sounds good have any cool ideas for the project

Woo hoo!! Great that we’re not ruling this option out