ForcePad - Potential future Keyboard option?

A lot of people are familiar with Force Touch trackpads by Apple. Most don’t know Synaptics actually had the idea for the tech first, it’s just it was rarely used it as they didn’t think to combine a powerful lateral vibration motor with the pad.

Is this a possibility to incorporate into future iterations of the keyboard, or perhaps a future product? Is the tech compatible with the Precision Trackpad standard?


Yes, you might be surprised but the community actually considered this for V during the initial development stages. Unfortunately there wasn’t a suitable force pad at the time that would not compromise the user experience. However this is something we should keep in mind for future products and your thread serves as a reminder :wink:


How did I miss that…? I’'ve been lurking for a long time, and searched a few times.

Interesting. Good to know.

Might be buried in some really old threads (year+), but we definitely looked into it extensively as I was personally one of the strong supporters of the force pad :slight_smile: