For those looking for a portable second screen for the V

So I had picked up an HP X3 Elite with the Lapdock a while back. Since it was a USBC dock i figured to give it a go with V and it worked perfectly. All options on the dock connect to the V that include the screen, mouse pad and keyboard, speaker (which at the moment sound so much better than the V speakers) and the optional ports. The lapdock has a battery built in to charge the x3. I am going to test how well it does charging the V if at all this weekend. Hope this helps anyone looking for a good option for a second screen.

Update: Tried to charge from the lapdock and it didn’t so that is the only thing that I have found doesn’t work.


This looks like an awesome idea, though somewhat hampered by the price. 700€ is a bit pricey for a second screen.

A Slidenjoy is significantly cheaper, though it’s not ideal for the V form factor.

It’s an interesting thought, though, if I find I’m having issues with the laptop on the sofa…

I found mine on ebay for $125… but you have to look around for that type of deal. so for that much it is the best option I have ever found for a second screen.

Interesting option indeed, though I’d rather opt for something like the ASUS portable monitors with DisplayLink.