For the V and the future LTE version it will be good to explore the esim

I just read an article in French (Computex 2017):

I also put the one in English that evokes the subject of windows 10 and esim:

It will be interesting to see if the LTE version of the V could integrate the esim, which I think is the future in the field of SIM cards in international.


I would love to see eSIM become more widespread.

Unfortunately, I’m doubtful the US market (where i live) will embrace it, due to the stranglehold telecommunications companies keep on internet access and the American people.


Currently eSim is not an option as its not widespread even in europe

Surface Pro 2017 LTE uses eSIM, but also supports nanoSIM. So why not both?


That was what i was kind of meaning that only ESIM isn’t the option as most of European carriers don’t support it at the moment :slight_smile:

So esim + nano-sim would be great.


eSIM should be possible on Eve V with software share the wireless radio frequency chip withtout extra hardware ?
just with a software ugprade ?

Don’t think that would be possible. The Wi-Fi chips wouldn’t support carriers bands