For our friends from Australia?



This is your first and only warning Manni.
I can’t be seen to try and help you any more than this.
In fact this post will self ignite and disappear 15 minutes after you read it.
(we will know because we hacked your skype camera, and we’re now watching you - don’t do anything silly)

Yo are playing with fire.

I think you have it all wrong.

This sign was first noticed on a roadside just out of Calgary, Canada along the Bow Valley trail, just east of the Wildcat Shelters turnoff.
Legend has it that it was placed there by some Czechoslovak immigrants to test the smarts of the local Canadians.

Sadly for them nobody fell for it and none weren’t tempted to even get stop or get out of their cars.

It seems the sign disappeared several months later when it was reportedly stolen by a holidaying German mainframe coder / IT specialist who is now known to have recently retired.

Manni if you know the whereabouts of this sign there is a reward, specially if it leads to the thief who took it from Canada.

The original person who originally erected it is offering a reward of a Malamute or Husky if you prefer.
I believe they are still resident in the Calgary area.

But Interpol will no doubt arrest this thief for stealing what is now known as a rare and ancient Czechoslovak artefact that went missing from the Museum in Prague some years ago.

Please be careful as Interpol is not at all happy with the retired German coder and also the Aussies are looking for him too because they want the Canadian reward.
After they catch and interrogate him they will first flail, skin and barbecue him and then feed his carcass to the dingo’s.

I think you have entered dangerous territory here, so please watch your back.

Edit Reason: I just worked out the identity of those Canadian immigrants. I set my bait and one came for it.


Whats next huh? A meme #youknowwhenyouraustralian

I’ll leave that up to you to arrange Ray.

Memes are not my strong point, I don’t understand most of them.

I prefer handwriting and in this case typing.


Anyways @Masters888… where did u grow up? Cause im not sure u get #youknowwhenyouraustralian memes.

Perth Born and bred!
I’m in Perth now.

And I hate most so called social media.

I live in China a lot, and I use Wechat because it is the way I do everything there, dinner, cabs, bookings, food orders and all payments.

Also I’m a lot older than you.

You are likely wrong - they are no bullet holes so a slight chance that this sign was for some time in Alberta’s beautiful countryside …

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I didn’t have time for too much historical research.

But enough at least, as I drew you out and into it.

Nice dog BTW

I take it that it’s a Malamute?

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You got me, mate.


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He means that’s how he pays for *entertainment*.


The entertainment insists on cash.

Being a westerner I’ve never had to pay, and I still can’t work that one out.
But I’m not complaining. I’m told it’s like being a Panda, whatever that means.

And who’s counting?

It’s pretty obvious that this can’t be in Australia as everyone knows Australia is full of convicts who don’t posses the ability to read.
From your East island neighbour, cue the sheep shagging jokes :rofl::rofl:


He’s right, that checks out. Are you the leader?

About five years ago we were doing some work in Darwin (Australia), we were filling work visa paperwork and there was a question about criminal record … My colleague was surprised - “Jeez, it’s still mandatory?” he asked.


Of course!

Darwin is where we keep them all so they’re closer to their old original homes.


Has anyone here in Oz received their V’s? If not have you received any notification of pending arrival?

PS The latest I’ve been told I can now expect mine before the Chinese New Year. So around another fortnight.

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Firstly Chinese New Year is actually tomorrow week! Not a fortnight away.

I’m in Perth.

I haven’t heard anything yet as well, no change on my Backerkit page either.

In fact even the so called "announcements on the page will not open.
"Feb 03, 2018
Fri Feb 2 '18 Announcement"

I’m not sure why they can’t be opened to be read.
So I’m not sure if they do say anymore that I have read here or not

Though I would be expecting an email or such in the next few days.
This is what I see as of just now!


These are the announcements below that will not open.


Guys… do w eknow here the AUS warehouse is? Cause we gotta add a extra week to shipping estimate because of customs. Customs is such a dragggggggggg.

Don’t forget the taxes and duties! Wheeeeeee

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:sweat_smile:… im happy to pay my taxes**********
(Unless it being used to fund a war)
(I am not happy if those fraudulent centerlink scammer take my money)

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