Font similar to Wallpaper

Hey Guys,
does anyone know a font that has a similar look as the “V” logo in the standard wallpaper if the Eve V?

Thanks vry much!


If you are referring to the ‘V’ Flipped Pyramid Logo available in the Eve V Prototype at Computex, then as far as my font knowledge takes me, then no.

Hi @Milan_Reen_Cpt_Strin! :slight_smile:

As far as I know there is no font available that has it as a full pyramid - if you want to look for something in general “blood” -fonts or “grafitti”-fonts could have something similiar but there are quite a bunch out there so you’d likely have to look a while for it :slight_smile:

Agreed @iKirin - for the wallpapers I did in this thread, I used a similar-looking font to get the ‘e’ lettering (Kaleko 105 Book, with the caveat that I haven’t checked whether this is the ‘official’ Eve logo font), and then made the triangular 'v’s separately in a vector program like Illustrator.


I sincerely doubt the V logo is a specific font. As a designer myself, I can’t image a professional just using a font to generate a logo like that. I suspect (and hope) it was a on-off creation. That said, there are a few similar fonts. If you go to some of the free font sites (there are many) try searching “horror” or “Halloween” or “Graffitti” or even something like “scary” or “blood” . I know similar fonts exist.


Thank you very much guys!

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