Folding Surface Neo Competitor

Anyone think eve should make a folding tablet / phone like Microsoft’s neo?
I have been thinking of replacing my tablet with such a thing.
The only problem is that Microsoft’s device will be $$$


yes, it could replace my “tiny laptop” :slight_smile:

When Microsoft revealed the Surface Neo I was pretty much stunned.

I really like the concept of having two screens instead of one foldable but even though this might decrease the price I think it’s still too expensive for me.

I have a desktop and dont need a tablet with “the power of a desktop” this would be perfect size to carry everywhere

I agree, price is the biggest problem for me.

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I was also thinking about having EVE wrap the device in some cool material like leather or Alcantara.

Please, no. Matte metal is fine, I hate leather and cloth. It’s not fancy, it’s annoying, and it worsens (thermal) performance.

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I really think this kind of foldable device will be successfull in the future. I’d like to have one as soon as it’s available at a reasonable price.
Unfortunately I don’t know if I can trust Eve, as I’m still waiting for my Eve V, ordered in December 2017 :frowning:


Yeah time will tell if the neo is good or not. There was the Lenovo yogabook that had a flat screen keyboard but that didn’t really take off as far as I can tell. I mean it’s a niche product and the other screen was just for keyboard and pen input, but people like having physical keys generally. That said, a proper second screen is a very different and much more useful thing.

So in summary I think a neo style product is too niche and too much of a gamble for eve

I side with those who think that a neo type design is what we will carry around in the future. I am now carrying a Surface 2 around, I gifted my V to a favored nephew, and await the duo or neo as my next everything. Something that works as reader, phone and light computing, without eyestrain, would be ideal. Does anyone remember the promise that the Courier represented? I am still waiting for fulfillment.