[FLY OR DIE] 1.3k Eur LENOVO MIIX 700 Review & Discussion

Hi guys!

Here at Eve we are testing a lot of tablets and 2 in 1s. We do it in order to ensure that Pyramid Flipper does not repeat mistakes of big companies and their products. Then I realized that our thoughts on products we test must be shared with you guys!

So from now on I’ll be making reviews of products that I am testing from a Pyramid Flipper developer perspective :slight_smile:

Make sure to read my review in our blog LENOVO MIIX 700 : FLY OR DIE?. Review of the latest 2-in-1 by Lenovo | by Eve | Medium and then decide whether Lenovo Miix 700 is a fly
(device worth taking look at) or die!

Should Lenovo Fly or Die?

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  • Die!

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Is it worth buying? Was my review biased?

If you like this review then the Next on my list is 4k dell xps 13 :smiley:

Should I make a video review next time?

  • Yes, definitelly!
  • I prefer text ones!
  • Don’t make a review next time m8, leave it to pros!

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Ok I confess. I trolled @votes

If all you said about the screen tint, the keyboard problem, the trackpad functionnality etc… is not linked to a defect in your tablet than
this tablet is absolutely not worth that money.

When I started reading the line with your Counter Strike test I was like ‘woaaaw not bad’ until I saw the ‘medium-low settings’.
This is why a tablet allowing you to connect a Razer Core would be best suited when you are at home and you want to play :wink:

Did you make all the updates for the tablet ? BIOS, drivers etc… that could have solved some of your problems ?

Mark, everything was the latest. I have tried to update it so many times that I even got a blue screen once :smiley:

It really looked like those are not only my issues. As I have read abour similar problens online. Well if I was buying this device for myself and I would need to spend 1300 eur on it. I would expect it to be almost flawless. I am very happy that I have returned it!

I should be almost flawless from day 1 and not after weeks and updates, like it is with Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 and their sleep problem.
I thought Lenovo would have been better than that. I have worked with IBM Thinkpads in the past and the quality was great but now it seems to have dropped a lot.

Great review Konsta! Coincidentally yesterday a colleague brought a Surface Pro 4 over and I handled it for the first time (never saw a surface in person before). Really like the build of it and also use of pen (he’s an architect also and showed me some sketches and work he made practically replacing paper and pen completely).

With regards to the Lenovo, small things such as glue residue left behind by stickers would have killed it for me already! Hate those things with a passion! At least if a company wants to put stickers on it’s product least they can do is source decent quality stickers that leave no residue behind. I’ve experienced many stickers that I have removed without a trace! Overall quality doesn’t look too good either. That photo of the back with the kickstand open… uugghhhh…

Ah well, definitely a DIE vote from me! Looking forward to the Dell review, that should go better I hope!


Any laptop screen can be like dell infinity one :smiley:
This silver thing is screen thickness limitation :slight_smile:

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Physical navigation keys and placing of front facing camera would also affect bezel right? At least top and bottom I assume…

I think so. It depends how we implement those features.