Flashsales not for selling Vs but for getting money?

it is strange that eve is doing one flash sale after the next one - and the buyers from the first are still waiting to get a V.
My Theory:
Eve just needs money to build the next batch (for the 4th of December sale) - but hey, I already paid my V. Do they need my money to build the last HEB batch? Maybe the whole product is wrongly calculated?

Until I get my V they have my money for more than 3 month - this is quite a nice credit!!!
And this without “zinsen” - sorry do not know the English term…

Just my thinking if I read about all this waiting…

you should think about: They have to pay the employees to work every day and the HEB’s and LB’s are waiting for I’ve heared one year or so… the People want to get paid otherwise they all want to work without Money. Where should came Money out of instead of the sales?

Maybe from investors who believe in eve? Even the finish government gave credit to eve to push this young company…

but then the again and again Flash sales dont makes sense, why dont you deliver the actual ordered devices and then start the selling of the next? Maybe than could be the estimated date not so Long?

why don’t they make sense? They want to sell their devices. How should they sell them without flash sales. Emdoor production is running and something what is running should not be stopped… To make clear: I’m not sitting here with red triangled glasses to fight for eve… I had the same thoughts… But there are also reasons why it could be the other way round…

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Now I understand you Frank.

That was so hard to type into Google.

Zinsen = interest

And I’m not Deutsche.


My uneducated 2 cents: You want a supply demand set up, you want a certain number of incoming orders, so you can justify your needs towards investors, factory reservations, better contracts with all sorts of parties. Especially as a starting company, i can imagine you need to justify these things with actual orders to get better deals from all parties. Beside that you need to know what you are planning for. If you wait until every device has been shipped before offering a new sale, then your factories are empty, your partners take on new contracts with other companies, etc.

I personally would think it bad bussiness myself if they DID wait until everything was delivered before setting up a new sale.


Hey Amber

I am glad you didn’t waste the 2 cents on furthering your education anymore.

You don’t need it, you’re naturally smart enough already.


If I had to guess, and I sort of do because I don’t have the definitive answer, I would say the flash sales are (among other reasons) a way to keep the process going. Imagine a factory where wooden toy cars are build per order. And every part is assembled by another person. What makes more sense: First let the person assemble all the bodies before giving them to the guy who assembled the tires and then to the paint. Or just let the process continue with all the products, so just continuing as soon as one part is done.

To me it looks like the start of the process (I would guess buying the components) has done everything they could for the previous flash sale, and are now free to work on another. Meanwhile, a separate process (for example assembly) is busy with flashsale #1, so it can’t be delivered yet.
This all with what @Pixel said makes sense to me.


The “motherboard” is also V specific so they have to make that before they do the final assembly. I’m involved in less complicated electronics manufacture and there are lots of different steps as the various sub assemblies that make up the final product are put together. Eve must have scheduled orders with various suppliers - CPU, ram, hdd, display, casing, PCB, battery, etc as well as Emdoor to assemble/test the PCB then do the final assembly. My guess is that Eve is trying to make sure that they can sell units to use up the parts they’ve committed to.

The original working name of “pyramid flipper” is somewhat ironic - at this point it may be a bit of a pyramid scheme. But lots of businesses start off that way until they can build up enough working capital to keep stock. It would be difficult to get that much working capital quickly - 1000 V’s at $1000 ea is $1M… Heck I know of a local company that didn’t have enough units to meet their orders when they were starting off. The boss would go to a customer, tell them their unit need to go back to the factory to be updated then promptly install it for another customer for a week or so… rinse and repeat until they had capital/stock, Obviously that’s not ideal and is nothing like what Eve is doing but it moved on quickly from that start and has been in business for 20+ years now.

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Sorry - you are right…
Next time I will look it up :wink:

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Since there are so many delays, mostly due to other companies, I am thinking that delays can be a source of income if the delay policy in the contact has been defied. I am really curious about thie eve’s income as to be honest it is really hard to handle so many dates while having a financial constraints. Therefore flash sales might have their initial purpose to sell their products in an efficient way in order to obtain profit, similarly to any other private company, thus I do not ser the problem of the flash sales.

Everyone, please note:

There is not another flash sale for the V. It is simply for sale on Eve’s website, like another product would be on Amazon.

The V most recently went on sale Monday, it’s now Wednesday and it’s still available. That would make it much longer than the previous flash sale. Konsta confirmed that they are done with flash sales for the V at the Seattle meetup.



shall I say, typical German skepticism? :laughing:

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interesting this should be more broadly publicized no? @iKirin maybe include this in the next weekly update.

ps, change the title of the update to ‘weekly update’ instead of varying titles or ‘one liner’ titles