Flagging transparency

Should flagging be transparent?

As in if you’re going to flag something shouldn’t it be visible who’s doing the flagging to stop abuse and also so whoever is being flagged can see who has issue with the posts to potentially start a dialogue?

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In my opinion it shouldn’t be. It just spurs additional hate, if flagged people will see, who’s flagging them, I think. It could also make some people uncomfortable to flag that would otherwise still see the post as inappropriate.

But flaggers can (and maybe should) always write in a message why they flagged a post. And in the end it’s the CMs choice, if they keep a post flagged, if I’m not mistaken. So, you can always talk with them (I know, not with @Helios :wink:) and ask why they kept the post flagged.


There’s also an option to talk to the “poster” privately while flagging.
So the “flagger” actually can choose to reveal themselves or not.


I just figure it’s endless work for the admins when it’s the ones who haven’t the backbone or patience to inform or discuss their issues.

Asking the admins usually gets a response of “it was flagged as inappropriate”

Leaving no education on what was the issue and still the potential abuse of the system, I just don’t get why it isn’t more accountable :slight_smile:

i think flagging shouldn’t be transperant. Otherwise some community members maybe won’t flag a post although it’s necessary only because they don’t want a discussion with the other member.


You know very well why your posts are flagged and this is yet another fishing post to bait people.

Give it a rest, it’s getting tiresome.


While probably most of us know very well why, I wouldn’t simply assume so. Remember, we all come from different background, cultures, knowledge, etc. Whats offensive to me is probably a daily talk for you, and vice versa.


Flagging is akin to whistle blowing and that is confidential AFAIK else it doesn’t work


You’re incorrect, but thank you for the contribution


Incorrect is not the same as having an other opinion.
Incorrect means the other is totally wrong, what intrinsically add the moral right to react to the incorrect one.
That 'he is wrong, and ‘I let him clearly know that he is totally wrong’ kind of reaction always vents strong and straight to the person oriented words.
It is not an other opinion one is answering to anymore, it becomes personal. And “flaggable” because personal fights through messages is not the aim of the community, is not very interesting and hinders creativity.
Oh, to be honest I never flagged any post in this community, so I’m not writing this in need to defend myself :hugs:.

Answering to an opinion is a different story.
Arguments used for ‘I do agree’ or ‘I don’t agree’ are arguments linked to that opinion, not to the person who sent that opinion.
Even as the opinion in question is pretty dumb :grin:.
As I understand that you are a native English speaker you will certainly even better get the nuances between the two ways of answering than I am able to do.
I’m certainly not in a position that allows me to be your school master, but I hope you’ll see there is common sense in what’s explained above.


Flags by default are anonymous. As others have already pointed out, the anonymous nature of flagging a post means that people will dare to speak up without fear of repercussion.

If someone flags a post, they are also given the option to start a conversation with the person they are flagging. So those who want to be known, can make themselves known. We do see this happen, where people not only flag, but add a note about why they flagged a post and what could be improved to get the point across in a non-flag-worthy manner.

Admins and moderators do see who flags who. So if people are abusing the system it is visible, and better still because we don’t just see if someone flags a certain user a lot, but if they flag a lot in general. So far, we have seen nothing that qualifies as abuse of the system.

We have seen posts flagged that we felt did not need to be, and since moderators have multiple options beyond just accepting that a flagged post is bad and needs deletion, we act accordingly.

If anyone feels that a lot of their posts are flagged and do not know why, then I suggest starting with:


Absolutely - in my my correct :wink:

Fair enough, I don’t see it as fear of repercussions myself more an I’m anonymous so I can just do it flippantly but I see both perspectives :slight_smile:


If people have to fear consequences for flagging posts openly then there is clearly something wrong with the community.

If Likes are open, Flags should be too.
And if the person you flagged is raging in PM-mode, there is always the ban-hammer.


I agree with @Tirigon and I do not see a difference between presenting my opinion (posting on forum, liking …) and flagging somebody. And as everyone can see - I’m here under my real name - not nickname.

With only an avatar information about ‘you being who’, you may well be or become an anonymous kind of collection bin for vented frustations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not exactly sure what you mean, sry :smiley:
Sure I also have my avatar and won’t give my real identity on this forum, as this is too confidential I think. That’s why I stick with nicknames and avatars.

However, when it comes to expressing opinions, it should be clear who this opinion belongs to. Same for positive and negative opinions. If you don’t have enough of a personality to stand behind your opinion, better not voice it.

For those who constantly post bullshit on this forum nothing will change - they still get flagged. They now just know who did it, and that’s fair I’d say.


The’ll only know what no information nickname or avatar it came from. Does that reflect more openness :thinking: :hugs:

So why not to know that …

BTW - I did not have many flagged - and in all cases it was clear why it was flagged.

Yes, I think so.
You then can connect my flags with my other activities in the community, my posts, my opninions, even my votes. The person “Tirigon” get’s more transparent and open.
Obviously the person behind “Tirigon” does not, but that’s the idea of an avatar :slight_smile: