[FIXED] I think my Windows is broken

I need help, i think my Windows is broken because not only does windows update fails to do its job, my display driver mysteriously stops working, device manager is unable to update drivers anymore. I am unable to use an external hard disk on my V as Device Manager doesnt work properly. Even plugging in a MicroSD won’t work anymore. I have been scouring the internet for fixes for 3 days and have tried them all and nothing works.

I’ve already submitted a support ticket but haven’t gotten any reply yet.

You can get the V image from support. You will lose your screen calibration though.

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Given it sounds like he can still log into windows, if he copies the relevant files now, won’t he be able to reuse it after resetting windows?

I have the files copied but they won’t still change the calibration.

So EVEs statement about the calibration staying is wrong unfortunately

Is this really true???
@team, any info about this?

Losing screen calibration would be a real bummer. Can’t we just reinstall the calman software and load our screen calibration settings?

Still no word from support, just sent another ticket. Problem is, with the display driver not working properly i’m unable to make any changes to display brightness and thus is constantly on MAX brightness. I can’t do work on this thing because it’s hurting my eyes. I’m sure it’s not good for my eyes either way.

That’s odd - you used the image from kirin, right? the 8gb one? i did that as well and my calibration still works.

Hey Ash, sorry that you’re having problems with your V, that must suck, but please try to keep in mind Eve is a small team, and that even massive companies like Asus can take “3-5 working days” to respond/resolve support issues.

You’re in good hands, just give them some time to get back to you - maybe if you dont get a response on Monday, you can shoot support another email on Tuesday.

You can hit up the community but then you’ll be getting responses from us community members, but that’s a gamble - you never know if you’ll get advice or nudie pics. this is a weird place.

By the way, have you tried resetting your installation of windows?



Don’t know, i got from Tero. But anyways, the changing the calibration in Calman effects nothing on my V

Yea, i know i should probably give them some time to get back to me. It’s just that this display is so bright when it’s on Max i can only work on my V during the day near a window :sweat_smile: I guess you could say Eve literally delivered on an “Eye Melting Display”

Yea, so far fortunate enough not to have received nudie pics so i guess i can count myself lucky there.

Yes, i’ve tried resetting but it would also somehow fail to install and revert back to my original settings.


That’s annoying.

So have we figured out the basis the calman software use for verifying whether to apply the calibration yet? Last I rmb this discussion it ended without conclusion like the 2nd installment of The Hobbit

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Uhhh, I think you might have mixed up your online communities…either that or you have some really wild private messages :joy: And if that’s the case, I don’t actually want to know


Update: Support has gotten back to me and given me V image to reset my windows. So now my V runs like its brand new again :grinning:. Not that it didn’t before windows broke. Best thing now is i’m back on 25% brightness on my V! :grin:

Side note, calibration still works for me after reset with the image and replacing the database file with my original calibration.