Fix the constant payment request emails

Stop sending these, I received my monitor months ago and I know I’m not the only one who keeps getting them. Your systems are clearly broken.



I received about 5 of these emails between December and March. I received my Spectrum last August.

The explanation given last time was that it only affected people who asked Support to change their order. The old order (pre change) still existed somewhere in the system, and that’s what was causing the emails.

Regardless of the reason, this shouldn’t be happening and someone needs to fix things so that this doesn’t happen yet again.

Yeah it’s pretty bad, they can’t get the most basic things right. Makes me fear for when I need to make a warranty claim in the future

Hey there,

We are aware of the issue and we have our website team working on it. I believe we are aware of what has been causing the issue and it will be solved in the coming days but please do let us know if you receive any more of these in the future so we are able to get on top of it.