First... Let me say HELLO

… second… No I am the one with the firsts.
First time I crowdfunded (LB).
First time I will use a 2-1 device. And I used a lot of devices. :slight_smile:

My name is Yusuf and I am from Germany. I can not really remember my motivation for EVE, it is too long ago. :wink:
No just kidding, if you try in general to be dynamic and curious, the V makes absolutely sense to me. Grown up in the IT industry, I like new approaches even if they mainly just try to push existing things in the right way.

Looking forward to participate in the community.


Welcome to the community!

Welcome! Any hobbies or other stuff that takes your time?

There is a lot of staff going on… :smile:
Good question Tristan… :wink:
I try to push non-technical hobbies (despite the V), because of too much paid fun with SW. Things like Basketball and music - just to name 2.

Hope this answer helped.

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Welcome to the community!!
Can’t wait to work together :small_red_triangle_down:

Welcome, you’ll like it here :hugs:

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