First Impressions of Screen Protector Only

I wanted to post this topic since I seem to be the only one to run into this so far… (found nothing in search results)

I received my Eve a few days ago, including the screen protector and outlet adapters. But, what I want to talk about here is the screen protector. I have a lot of experience applying screen protectors to all kinds of products by now, and I used my usual methods to apply the screen protector to my Eve last night. This typically means no dust during application, and the minimal amount of human contact (oils, fibers, etc).

Immediately upon applying the included screen protector, I noticed a lot of debris and even a small (manufacturing result?) crease on one of the corners of the -plastic- screen protector. This debris without a doubt was already existent in between the peel away film on the sticky side of the screen protector and the screen protector itself. There was and is nothing I can do to remove the amount of debris that is found on the screen protector (mostly along the edges or I at least pushed them out as best as could towards that direction). The crease is on the bottom left edge of the screen protector and is very evident therefore no way of “buffing” it out or any other type of resolution to it.

I wanted to get this topic started in case anyone else has had any issues with their “OEM” screen protector(s) yet. I don’t have pictures, I’d have to provide those when I am back in town. I left my Eve at home with the screen protector still applied, as I just wasn’t motivated to take it with me on my holiday travels because of this situation.


That thread has nothing to do with what this topic is about.

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I had the same issue. The screen protector was creased and dirty and completely unusable.


I had the same issue and removed the screen protector.

Me too. I’s looking the screen protector and decided not to actually use it because it’s looking so dirty and smudged.

Is it possible to dunk the screen protector in a vat of alcohol from the supermarket? Then dry in a clean environment?

Or would that destroy the screen protector?

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Oh boy, I added the screen protector as an accessory during December 4th flash sale and this is disappointing news to hear.


@hummusw - maybe there will be software fix for that … :smirk:


me too - but I asked to get it out of my order - because I red only bad things about it. 10€ saved :slight_smile:

My screen protector was also not properly packed - just loosely placed in the box. As a result, it was slightly bent in places. It also looks dirty, though I can’t tell whether that is only the outer layers that are peeled off. I didn’t feel it was good enough quality to fit. Just looked like it had been thrown in as a “freebie” (which I guess is what it was). It was a pity - I typically use screen protectors.

My screen protector was dirty in th box and loosely packed as well. The dirt had transferred to the back of my V. I did not install the screen protector. I use screen protectors so I will try to find something that works.

Any HEB brought sp5 tempered glass to use on V? Is it compatible?


I had same debris problem on screen protector, so it was effectively useless. I just bought glass one, will update when it arrives


Got a glass one from, arrived quick applied easily, is it perfect, no, not quite to edges of screen and screen clarity is not as great, but happy to know I’m not going to scratch the screen too easily.
Finger touch works same although it is not as slippery as normal screen so swiping isn’t as smooth to your touch however works fine on eve so it’s purely a feel thing on your finger.

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So which specific model pleas (given the wide range on offer) - and presumably for Surface Por?

It was a V specific one, can’t remember which but it was the 24 euro one

Was it this one?

Looks right yes, think it’s that one

Could the EVE team provide us with more details about the V screen size compared to alternative tablet brands.
Dimensions in millimeters are nice, but not of much help here.
It would really help if we could search eBay for screen protectors for brand/model XX/YY.
So Eve, who else is using this Sharp display or something of the same size?