First forays into digital art on the V

Hi all. I’ve had my V for just over a week now and so far it’s been a enjoyable experience. Particularly so as I’m coming to the device from a decrepit desktop with just 3Gb RAM.

I’ve been starting to play with the pen a bit, inadvertently taking my very first investigative steps into the world of digital art. I’ve never had any talent or training in art, and looking at my efforts I thought it might be a bit of light relief for people in a similar position to share their early attempts (whether it’s a 5 minute sketch or a 5 day masterpiece). I’d also love to see the first artworks on the V of any of the more talented folks out there to see what can be done.

So here is my effort, based on an attempt to draw from the first image that came to hand. I used the free program ‘Sketchbook’. I’ve no idea how this compares to other software. The ground was actually done with my finger as I’d put my pen down on the other side of the room and was too lazy to get up off the sofa.


In an odd way I’m actually kind of proud of the picture despite the fact that the tiger (yes, it is a tiger!) has the nose of a Proboscis Monkey and a hind limb that in no way resembles the leg it’s supposed to be! The tiger’s expression is not what I intended (it looks like it’s just remembered that it was supposed to pick its cubs up from school half an hour ago). Please feel free to share your own efforts!


aw,… such a cute cat :blush: … btw keep it up, nice art … yep sketchbook is nice !


that’s great!
I was thinking we need an “art created on the V” thread or even a section

I’ve been playing in photoshop but don’t have anything to show just yet.

I REALLY love the BT keyboard - it make the V so much better than the SP4 fo drawing.

We just need a few tools to tune the pen and this thing will be great!


Thanks! I’ve not even looked into the basic pen settings yet as I thought it was working quite well. I did pick up a cheap drawing glove, which seems to improve the experience and cleans the screen as you work.

How do you find that the keyboard is useful for drawing out of interest?

I work in photoshop, so I can set it to full screen, pop off the keyboard and use it for all the quickkeys. Having to keep it attached like on the SP line is annoying - the keyboard gets in the way.

The ability to adjust the pressure curves and the offset would make it even better.


It’s wonderful, and the journey only gets better from here. Can’t wait to start drawing on my V too :smiley:

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Cat competition then


this is why I bought a Bluetooth keyboard with my SP4 which I purchased WITHOUT any keyboard. :slight_smile:

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If the thread is still alive when I get my V (and if “my” V will be working and non-defective - 4th Dec flash sale), I will share my first works on the V with ArtRage, a software I love (I am fan of AR…)…
I had been painting with “real” oil paint and water color, ink etc… and after moving from one continent to the other, didn’t want any “stuff” to carry around anymore so began with digital painting. FIrst with a tablet connected to a PC, then now on a SP4. I am so curious what the V will be. I will then have 3 pens, the SP4-pen, the Bamboo and the V :slight_smile:

NIce tiger, I like it. Especially the grass :smiley: seriously.
Seems noone here uses ArtRage… It is less complicated than other Paintprograms… but more sophisticated than the sketch thing. It is close to real painting (with several tools, llike pencils, oil brush, water color and others…)

@Ben I have a specific question about your painting experience with the pen. In another thread, somebody said they experienced interruptions while writing/drawing. Cannot find the thread where this was said. Did you experience this too? I never experienced it on the SP4.


Your comment made me check it out. I got the app on Android (I don’t have my V yet) and my kids and I used my Note 8 to draw. We had a great time. Great app!


Keep drawing, you’ll only get better :slight_smile:

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Wow, hey it’s a good try that you painted on V! Just remember to use reference when you paint/draw, don’t rely on your head(unless you have photographic memory). That way you can improve! Ooh, and is it possible for you guys whoever got V early, could you test whether Krita program works on V? and how’s the pen callibration?

I really can’t wait to get my hands on my V once it arrives (LimitedBird) :smiley: For now I have to stick to my old Surface pro 1(2013 version) to do most of my works :frowning:


This has not been an issue for me. Below is a quick scribble showing a long interrupted line.


You can see a slight gap where I was attemting to draw very lightly and have gone below the level of pressure needed to record the line. I’ve not investigated any settings or calibration options for the pen yet, and it may be possible to implement further software tweaks - Thanks also for your kind comments!

I’d like to try Krita out having seen what some people are doing with it but won’t get much of a chance to do anything over the next week or so. Hopefully someone else will do so.


I can totally relate…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice job! Can’t wait to play on my V.


The interruptions don’t occur on long continuous strokes, in my experience. They’re more likely to be spotted on quick short strokes. If I draw a couple column of short lines, some of the strokes are almost guaranteed to begin later than others. There’s something going on where the V loses contact with the pen for a brief instant.

I’ve also noticed that handwriting can degrade over the time it takes to write a screenful of text.


Yeah exactly my experience so far.


Unusable. Very disappointing.


That’s a problem, as I plan on using the V to take notes. At least you found a workaround for the problem.

Hopefully there will be a software fix for this soon :slight_smile:


I think it is a software or driver issue and so it should be fixable with an update. Surely the team is already working to fix it soon :blush:. But for now it is hard to get a good workflow while writing.

I too plan on using my V for note taking. It would be unusable as is. Can any other HEBs comment on if they have experienced this as well?