First Day with my V

The box arrives at work, colleagues are immediately interested in any new tech and they are impressed with the quality of the way everything is packaged. We have a laugh about the inclusion of some uninflated bubblewrap, and wonder if it is for returning the device if it is broken.

It isn’t broken, it works fine! I set about setting up windows, which works fine. I talk about crowd developing with colleague and the good things that came from it. He isn’t that impressed with the oops key though.

So, some thoughts.
The screen. It really is good, bright and crisp. The colours are excellent.
The keyboard. Mostly very good, with decent travel and feel. One or two keys feel a little clicky, the n especially, but as I type more they are getting more even. The bluetooth works well, though annoying to set up. It does have a little flex in it compared to a standard keyboard, but it is not distracting
Trackpad is also good. I don’t like them generally and I can never remember the combos. It is accurate. I’ve struggled to get the click a couple of times, but I suspect it is my inexperience and I’ll get better.
Sound. I tried the sounds against my wife’s tablet and my phone. It sounded better than both but wasn’t much louder. It sounded good for a tablet, but if I’d bought it with expectation of listening to the sort of music where tattooed men growl nonsense for 10 minutes, I’d be disappointed. For me, it’s more than good enough.
Performance wise, it feels quick and responsive (i5), there’s no waiting for things to happen. I’ve installed a couple of games, just to see what is possible. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux (UE4 game with lots of pretty scenery) is playable on low res. Cities: Skylines is a bit of a trial, but I didn’t play with the settings

Other stuff that wasn’t quite a premium as it might have been, the back of the V had some dusty spots, as did the plastic protector film. They came off easily with a quick rub.

The zippered case is cool. It has a sort of rubber seal that comes together very closely and looks like it’ll have good water resistance

But overall, it’s a great device. It looks, feels and performs excellently and there are no weakpoints for my use. Tomorrow I’ll be using it for work properly :slight_smile:


Some reviewer said, regarding the touch pad, click on the upper third = bad, lower 2/3ds = good.
As my V is still stuck in fkn Luton I’ve no way to verify this, but if true it might help you get used to the touch pad a tad quicker.

I’ve turned up the sensitivity and just tapping, not trying to click. My work laptop demands a click and the V prefers a tap. Your reviewer was right, the top 1/3 is very hard to get a click, but does respond fine to a tap.

Also, good luck with the Luton situation. Mine left last night and arrived around midday. Fingers crossed for you!

Its a hinged trackpad so the top wont click downwards. This is true fall all 2 in 1’s with type covers and I’m sure also true for all Ultrabooks.

I don’t think anyone makes fully pressable trackpad’s, at least not consumer ones, business maybe.


Yeah, it’s me who needs to get used to it. It works fine, just different from my laptop.

Yeah, the uninflated bubble wrap…
And thanks for the quick walkthrough of your first V-days to everyone! I won’t post this to everyone, but I’m reading all the first impressions and approve fully that you guys take the time to share them with us no matter what :slight_smile:


What laptop do you have currently, does the whole thing click or none of it?

I think 1/3rd non clickyness more noticeable on a small trackpad than a larger Ultrabook one.

A lenovo thinkpad from 2013/4, can’t remember what series, T possibly. The entire pad floats and you can click it anywhere.

The bubblewrap is hilarious, I can only imagine that the packing instructions said ‘Include bubblewrap’ and the packers just threw it in flat


Yeah that’s sounds like a business oriented laptop (ThinkPad), those usually have more robust and tactile trackpad’s and keyboards.

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Just had a play with the pen. Didn’t find any jitter, it gave a nice straight line. There is some latency in it, but perfectly reasonable to work with. I don’t find it very sensitive, but I’m used to using charcoal on paper, so my instinct is to be delicate. I could also write well enough that OneNote could convert it to proper text. The magnets that hold it to the side are not strong, more like a decent fridge magnet. I won’t be storing the pen there


All MacBooks have fully clickable trackpads. They’re the best I’ve ever used, personally. Surface Pro is next.

My current MacBook Air hasn’t.
It is also a hinged trackpad (which is not clickable in its top part otherwise than with taps).


Pen jitter will only be visible when making very very slow diagonal lines( I have an sp3 which uses the exact same pen tech). Which isn’t a real world issue. But It should be visible if you force it.

Pens are AMAZING for OneNote type stuff, especially if you have good handwriting:smiley:

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Apple still sells MacBook Air…? It hasn’t been updated in, what; 3 years…?

I am so envious!!! Sadly I am a 1TB LB. So I will expect mine to be in the last batch to be assembled. Hope things will not clash with the CNY period. If not that will be a bitch indeed. :disappointed_relieved:

The Air got a processor refresh in June of this year with the rest of the Macbooks.


Not done much with V today, except install Office, mess around with speakers and try to get rid of the nasty tablet mode start menu.

One thing though, the zipper sleeve is definitely sturdy enough to have the V on your lap and have space to use the touchpad.


What is your general using experience? Are you enjoying it?

Yes, it’s really nice to use and I’ve no complaints beyond the niggles I mentioned above. I bought it as a tool to use as a business laptop replacement and as something to use on the sofa at home, and it is great for both of those things. Using it as a tablet is good too, it’s a little heavier than ideal but that’s the trade off in being a proper computer.


Thank you really much for the quick reply! Sounds great to me.