Firmware v106 does not fix usb-hub disconnecting issue

Hi guys,
I can confirm that after the update even though I have activated “USB hub always on” it does not stays on. As son as the computer goes to standby it disconnects my hdd that is connected to the monitor via USB-C.

What I’ve noticed is that after the computer goes to sleep the Spectrum power up the hub since the lights on whatever I have connected to the hub goes on again.

It is a shame that after so long and a few firmware update will still have to deal with this issue. :frowning:


Hi @Daniel_Croitoru,

This is known behaviour for the current Spectrum (ES07D03) as seen on this topic.

Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed by a firmware update alone, as this is a hardware limitation.

I get that but isn’t that something that you guys should take responsibility for?
I don’t think what we are out of the line when we expect something like this, right?
I mean, I have an over 10y old monitor that does not have this issue. So, definitely this limitation is a screw up on Eve’s part and should be addressed.

Give us the upgrade and do better next time.

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Chill dude.

May I know exactly what is your 10 years old monitor with a hub that doesn’t have this issue?

I mean this should be your top priority. As explained in that other post, the vendors of the related controllers COULD fix this. You should consider naming and shaming the vendor if no progress is achieved as this is effectively rendering the whole USB hub kind of useless for a wide spectrum of applications.


Dell U2412M bought 4th July 2012, USB hub works perfectly and as expected. Imagine 10 years later getting a monitor that have this issue… they should definitely compensate for their own mistake.