Firmware updater-tool for MacOS

Are there any news about the updater-tool for firmware on MacOS? Being fully invested in the apple eco-system along with my whole network, getting my hands on a Windows device is proving quite difficult. Being able to update the Spectrum from my MacbookPro would be greatly appreciated.

If there aren’t any news about the updater-tool, could you possible provide some background as to why this tool is difficult to develop for MacOS?


No mac firmware tool yet. However, the only work around for Mac users is using “bootcamp”.
Install Windows 10 on your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant - Apple Support

Hey … so it’s not possible through virtualized Windows? VirtualBox/Parallels etc?

This is unfortunately not a solution either since I’m on an M1 chip

I’ve thought about using Parallels, but my trial period ran out - I think I read somewhere that a user actually got it working through Parallels

Then I’ll give that a try and report back, thanks.

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Great! If I remember correctly, he mentioned something about allowing USB-connections, so be sure to check up on that

Safari - Project Spectrum  How To Update The Firmware - Development  Project Spectrum  Development - Eve Community. 2022-01-04 at 17.47.01

Here the comment was

I’ve tried this but could not get it to connect to the firmware update tool on Parallels, - M1 Mac

Not sure what else to try. I only have an M1 Mac

Edit: All USB connections are fully connected and showing, just won’t show connected in firmware update tool

Sorry, but no update on the release date for a macOS firmware tool yet. I definitely don’t want guess and give you a date that we can’t meet.

As stated in the Four Methods post there is a risk to damage your Spectrum. So as awful as it is waiting patiently, or even waiting impatiently, we recommend waiting for the macOS update tool or borrowing a windows 10 PC to complete the firmware update.

As members of the community have pointed out you can install windows on your M1 Mac - but the process is not as simple as it was using Bootcamp. I’ve read the instructions and I would advise to proceed with caution if you decide to try it. Make certain you understand each step and the risks involved. The same advice for upgrading via an emulation layer like Parallels, Crossover or wine. Other users have reported success but neither of these methods are the recommended firmware update process.


Why not an usb update witout external pc??