Firmware update fails everytime

Hi ES0D03 owner here. In the past I have kept the monitor updated but currently it’s impossible to go from 105 to 107 firmware. The tool recognizes the monitor but as soon as I click the update button it turns “update failed” (I have unplugged all other usb’s from the monitor hub beforehand). Anyone with the same experience ? any solving suggestions much appreciated.
Win 11
! connection to monitor via USB-C (DP Alt-Mode, Rear) *support DP1.4/DATA *not support USB2.0


Same problem here! I ´m trying to go from 106 to 107. I been following instruction step by step.

I have also try to update USB firmware (06A4 / 0A.89.17.02 → 06A4 / 0A.89.19.02) , and it ends up with “Error! Upgrade FW failed, BinFile_ERROR” message. Update tool can find two devices as it should.

I’m unsure of the reason for the firmware update failures. I’ve never had the tool fail to upload the firmware (other than it failing about 60% of the way through).

For the USB firmware update, make sure that you didn’t install one version of the tool on top of another. This leaves things in a bad state and the firmware update doesn’t work. You need to completely uninstall the firmware update first, then install the version you want to flash.

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Yup already done that. My prime suspect is the usb c cable being also the video/audio/ and power cable simultaneously. I will try a different set up

Tried with the usb B cable same results… the monitor is instantly recognized i.e. it shows Device connected but then instantly the update fails. I am going to sit out this firmware upgrade as I am out ideas. Thanks for your comments.