Firmware Community Wishlist

With more and more Spectrums getting into the hands of customers I thought it’d make sense to start collecting some ideas and wishlist items for future firmware versions.

Let’s use this thread to collect ideas.

  • Make left/right control stick shortcuts configurable (ie. switch inputs vs. crosshair/fps counter)
  • Support Input Change via DDC/CI (Currently advertised by FW but broken)
  • Allow DDC/CI control even if connected machine is NOT active source
  • Support Primary/Secondary Source priority (For KVM use-cases, f.ex always switch to USB-C when plugged in)

Options to change size and colour of the frame rate counter, its a little huge for a 27" display.

Option to manually select DP version (auto detect solution does not work with a DP 1.2 card for me)

Some pre defnied colour presets would be nice.

  • Custom Auto-Standby Timer
  • FPS Counter size/colour customisation (Needs to be MUCH smaller and less bright)
  • Manual Input selection shortcut is a must, its so slow at the moment compared to my previous setup
  • Override HDR brightness settings/ alter black level etc.
  • Fix for Spectrum fully reconnecting to Windows after coming out of standby

you want to change the hdr brightness? that can be adjusted in windows display. Black level try nvidia control panel “adjust desktop color settings” you can make several changes there.
This is what they are currently working on/looking into.

Lore_WonderEve Product Liaison

  • Strobed VRR
  • More DDC commands
  • Even lower minimum brightness
  • Global dimming
  • HDR coloring and tone mapping
  • Pixel-perfect improvement
  • Type-C DSC
  • Manual DP modes
  • Acoustic noise reduction
  • Split-screen mode

All of the items listed in the firmware they are working on would be my in my wishlist, especially USB C DSC and HDR global dimming, color and tone mapping. I would also like to add an official app to make installing firmware better and a version for MacOS users.


Actually none of these matters if we cannot get a stablzied experience. It would be nice if EVE could prioritize the fixes for the monochrome issue and the backout issue.


Is there a Trello or something that these issues/requests can be tracked on?
After spending months on Dedicated Shipping Discussion #1 & #2, I have little faith that EVE employees actually spend much time on these forums and might not see these.


Not sure if this is a bug….but yesterday whilst playing Xbox in hdmi port 1….I switched on my PS5 which is in hdmi port 2 just so it was loaded and ready for when I finished my Xbox game. But whilst doing that my whole screen went mad and I could only see half of it for some reason?? Surely turning on my other console shouldn’t affect my current usage in hdmi port 1? It never did with my old LG monitor (27GN850)

I dont get black and white issues when gaming. But I do get black and white issues when trying to what my 4k uhd movies on my panasonic ub820-k. I have 2 workarounds to get color. Play a movie. Pause it. Go back to home screen then resume the movie will sometime gets color back. 2nd solution is to turn off monitor while the movie is playing. Turn monitor back on and I’ll get color. @nkyadav are you guys looking into black and white issues for 4k uhd players as well?

Hi @Ben_Marshall,

To simply put, the answer is no. We track your requests/issues internally but not publically.

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Well, thats a disappointment. I highly recommend you at least review your external communication policy on firmware progress then…there should be at least a monthly update post detailing what is currently on track to be fixed.


It’d be great to have the ability to do a firmware update via a file on a flash drive.

Firmware updates currently transit the USB bus, so it seems like there’s a way for the Spectrum to be able to read from a flash drive (i.e. a FAT32-formatted drive) and push that information to flash storage.

This would be a great help to those people who don’t have regular access to a Windows PC. Yes, they’d need access to update to a version of the firmware that includes this feature, but wouldn’t need access after that.

This would also help people who don’t have access to any PC. The could download the file via whatever computer they’ve got access to, and they’d just need to extract the firmware zip to the root of a flash drive. No special access required.


Please fix this bug:

BUG - User Presets Don’t Work Properly - Products / Eve Spectrum ES07D03 | User Experiences - Eve Community

Additionally, it would be helpful if the OSD could be accessed when the monitor is not receiving a signal. I can only seem to access the OSD when the selected input is receiving a display signal.

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#1 - lag switching between 60Hz and 120Hz on PS5 (and between any other modes).

There’s up to 5 secs of blank screen and the monitor will seemingly lose signal. It will come back up, but many times, the game would have started.

And in general, responsiveness been switching modes should be instantaneous - like every other monitor out there.

Beyond that, the OSD should be available even if there’s not an active source.

To me the slow mode changes are the biggest annoyance.


Not being able to access the full OSD when there is no active input is an issue for me. Here is the scenario:

  • Keyboard and mouse are plugged into USB on the monitor
  • USB-C is the active display input and also active USB hub source
  • Turn on my PC connected to HDMI + USB-B
  • Go make a cup of tea while it’s booting
  • Screens have gone to standby, can’t wake by moving mouse / hitting keys because the USB hub option is still set to USB-C

This has happened to me a couple times and I basically just have to reboot the PC and make sure I change the hub setting on the monitor soon enough before it goes to standby. The auto-select option for the USB hub has not been working for me (it will get “stuck” on one option or another and not auto-switch; I guess because there is still USB signal when the machine is off but connected or something).


Oh, one more - additional refresh rates advertised by the monitor via DP / USB-C would be great. For example in the current situation where DSC is not working (there are many posts about this, particularly when connecting a MacBook), or maybe some devices which do not support DSC, downgrading all the way to 60Hz is painful, but 120Hz should work fine on DP1.4.

I know that this can be forced with dodgy 3rd party apps but it is a pain, would be much better to just list a couple extra display modes in the firmware.

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When there’s no signal, you should be able to click the 4-way stick to wake up the Spectrum and get a minimal OSD showing the video input it wants to use. When this is on screen, hit up/down and you should be able to change the input.

This should at least get you enough video signal to switch the USB input.

Eve team: it would also be great if there was some way to associate video inputs with a USB upstream. That way, when someone changes the video input, the correct USB hub source will also be selected.


It’s possible to do that, but they were concerned about corruption of any storage device connected to Spectrum if you changed video signal.

Yes, if someone is using a storage device and their USB hub source changes, it can disrupt any write that’s happening on the storage device and cause corruption.

It’s for this reason that the Spectrum ships with the hub source set to USB-B instead of auto-select. The hub source is independent of the video input, so the connection remains the same.

The reason why you’d want to auto-select is because you’re using the Spectrum as a KVM, i.e. with a keyboard and mouse attached. You want these to follow whatever device you’re seeing on screen. You shouldn’t need to go in and change a second setting just to have the USB devices come across too.

I honestly don’t see this being a big issue. Someone would have to be very stupid naive to think that changing the hub source would only affect some of the devices attached to the Spectrum, not all of them.


I’d do it as an option, and if scaler allows it an explicit warning of possible repercussions if enabling the option.

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