Firmware 108 bug: Loading of preset profile results in black screen

In some cases, loading a preset profile will result in the screen turning black (with back light). The monitor cannot display the OSD nor the image from the source. Switching the monitor off and on resolves the issue.

I cannot replicate this consistently but has happened a few times now on both USC-C and HDMI input source.

Update: It is not only on loading of profiles, but also on changing input source in general.
It is not consistent and therefore I unfortunately cannot tell you how to replicate.

Same happening to me after updating to 108. Only use the monitor with ps5 and iPad Pro. Black screen every time I turn on the monitor now. Have to unplug it and start again for it to work. Way worse than 107. Going to switch back to 107 later today.

Went back to 107 myself after getting black screens with no way of changing inputs. Nothing was wrong with the device connected but was still showing ‘no signal’ on display. It took several reboots at different intervals to show an input and then I was able to switch to a different input. Apparently, you have to be on an active input with an image on screen before the software tool will detect your monitor, so you must do this if you’re going to have any luck going back to 107.

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