Firmware 108 bug: Color Space setting not saved

Seems like the monitor now defaults back to DCI-P3 whenever you load a saved user preset profile.

Replicate issue:

  1. Set color space to sRGB.
  2. Save user preset.
  3. Load user preset.
    Color space is now DCI-P3
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Yeah I have found the same, disappointing after such a wait.

I found that a change of input source also sets the color space back to DCI.

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Yep same, how did the Beta testing miss this?
Or was it picked up and ignored?

I haven’t upgraded yet, but this sounds horrible. This should get attention for an immediate fix. It makes the monitor basically unusable for a large amount of customers.

I guess unit testing is severely lacking with this team.

@Cas Can we get confirmation on this issue? A large amount of customers use the sRGB mode exclusively and don’t wan’t to be switching it every time they change an input.

Any chance of getting a hot-fix out for this within a few weeks?

Hi there,

The issue has been acknowledged. I am forwarding this to the firmware team.

I can’t promise anything yet at this point.

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Thanks, Cas.

I would like to roll back to FW 104 - that worked best for me (PC user with two sources).
Would you be so kind to link to the procedure on how to do so, please?

I don’t think there is a way to roll back to 104, the furthest back you can go is 106.

@TD Just wondering did you try a factory reset to see if it fixes the problem?

Was the first thing I did after the firmware upgrade.

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@Cas, how to I revert to FW 104, please?
Do I just upload the relevant FW, or must I follow a different procedure?

Hi there!

There is a specific procedure that needs to be followed. Our firmware team does not recommend rolling back all the way to 104, but here is the package. Please note that the instruction is made for rollback from v.105. As always, please proceed with caution!

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