Firmware 107 Bug Report: AMD 6800XT Graphics Card Driver Crash

MODEL NUMBER: Spectrum ES07D03
Scaler Firmware Version: 107
USB Firmware Version: 06A4 / 0A.89.17.02
Device Type and OS version: PC Windows 11 21H2 (OS Build 22000.739)
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
GPU: PowerColor (AMD) RX 6800 XT Red Devil
Motherboard: Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero
Video connection used for Spectrum: DisplayPort
Cable brand / specs used for connection: Maxonar 8K DisplayPort 1.4
Secondary video connection used for Spectrum: None
USB Hub setup: USB Type-B to USB Type-A Motherboard Back IO USB 3.2 Gen 2
Issue details: Sometimes when windows start up and I get to the login screen the display will be unresponsive and the monitor will blank black for a second, sort of like a refresh and then display the login screen again. I log in and I am presented with an AMD driver timeout bug report suggesting the drivers have just crashed and restarted. This can also happen when waking the monitors from standby/sleep after inactivity.
What does the issue look like (you can provide a picture or video here, if any): See issue details
What triggers the issue (how to replicate it): Window’s Start-up or coming out of display idle mode
What is the percentage of this happening: 30-40%
If it doesn’t happen all the time, what is the alternative outcome: None
Please provide any additional details you have found: Have used multiple AMD drivers, with clean installations and this has occurred with previous scalar firmware versions

Update: I also used my AMD 6800XT with an Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ before my Eve Spectrums for several months with no issues. So I do believe the trigger of the AMD drivers to crash to be monitors.

Update: Unable to reproduce the issue when using a Samsung UE49KS8000

Update: Issue occurs also on Windows 22H2 (22621.674)


While the GPU-driver issue may be triggered by a monitor issue, the GPU-driver issue is a GPU-driver issue in the first place, so it’s more important to report the issue to the GPU manufacturer.


I have, and I can confirm it’s triggered by the monitor. No issues with an older Asus ROG monitor I have just a test monitor at the moment to rule out of its the monitor or another hardware/software-based issue.

It may be normal. What might be happening is the monitor is changing either resolution or refresh rate. Upon boot up its almost never 4k (my GPU boots up in 1440p mode) and it can be an issue that the display changes at the login screen just before you login. Try using the monitor refresh rate counter and see if it drops to 60 when booting up.

I have a pretty similar setup with the exact same issue.
Same CPU 5900x and the same graphics card 6800 xt, but not the red-devil one.

The AMD driver crash is definitely trigged by the Spectrum monitors. I have been using my PC on my TV after a recent house move and haven’t set up my new desk yet. Absolutely no issues with my TV. As I leave my monitors on standby before turning my PC on or it occurs when I switch sources I suspect it could be linked to the PCB reset issue when a new video signal is detected (Display "Idle to On" transition resets USB Hub - #16) and that in turn triggers the AMD drivers to crash. When I get my new desk built I will have to do some tests of booting my PC first and then turning on the monitors afterwards

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After using my Samsung tv with no driver crash issues for about a month and a half I have just moved to my eve spectrum monitors and on second start-up I got a driver crash

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Hmm, I will note this down for our firmware team to look into with AMD drivers as your situation does seem to be revolving around the Spectrum. Will let you know their feedback once they have looked into it!

I used to get this with my 6900xt. Recent driver updates within the last 3-4 months have stoped this.

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Glad it is resolved for you :smiling_face:

I have had the issue for over a year, multiple eve firmware versions and AMD driver versions

I am currently on EVE firmware 107 and AMD drivers 22.10.1

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Hi All

Just as an update I have gone back to team green and now have a Nivida Geforce RTX 4090 Founders Edition otherwise the setup is exactly the same. No display driver crashes in the last 13 days.

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