Fingerprint scanner on V stopped working after a windows update - advice? Drivers?

So as the title says - anyone else run into this issue? I cant remember exactly when, I was hoping an update down the line would ‘bump it’ and I got bored of trying to chase down drivers.

If anyone has the driver lurking on a drive, or can point me to a source that would be grand. Device manager cant find anything generic in the W10 updates, and I’m fairly sure its just a driver issue. Error is 43, driver or hardware problems.

Hi @Chris_Howard There are drivers on the downloads page in the Dough Tech website:

However, the fingerprint reader stopping working is a common problem with the 2017 V, and changing the driver typically does not fix it. There are 200 posts in this “Fingerprint scanner not working” thread (which has been archived so you may not be able to access it):
However, no-one found a solution - everyone gave up and just assumed it was a fault with the V.

So, the drivers are unlikely to fix the problem, but maybe you will be lucky.