Finally a V in the Wilds of London

Yay! A V in the wilds of London.



Seeing as yesterday I was in the land of text only mode on the V. Time for some recursion… This time with a window manager some may recognise…



Really cool!

Since you’re running Linux - I’m really interested to hear what you get on battery life with your V :slight_smile:

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Tomorrow will be its first out day working… Best install systat and some cron for battery levels… will let you know how it fairs tomorrow. (I’ve done no kernel/system/governer tuning yet)


Which Linux distro did you install on it?

In theory, using Linux with some kernel/system/governer tuning, you could be looking at 16 hours runtime but we’ll have to wait and see :smile:

I am also curious as to what Linux distro you have?

I’m using Gentoo, gone back to my roots over the last year or so migrated back from MacOSX to Gentoo.


Has anyone tried ArchLinux yet?

Yes, @Tirigon is using Arch if I remember correct

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Got a V up in the wilds of Leeds here!

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Nice !

When did you oder yours ? When the webshop opened in December or ?

I ordered back in 2016, backed as part of the Indiegogo campaign.

Thus far, I’m looking to have got about 6-7hrs, running at 20% brightness.

Already mentioned I’ve not tuned the system at all. And seeing as I’m going the masochistic Gentoo route, these are all down to me :slight_smile:

I have two goals for tuning atm:-

  • Power consumption
  • Boot time

Boot time is all about making the kernel lean and targeted towards the hardware.

Will have more updates in the coming days :slight_smile:


I am thinking about trying linux as well (a more friendly version for nobs) If you manage to make the pen work, please let us know :slight_smile: