Final Fantasy XIV on EVE V

Just curious, am I the only one attempting to play Final Fantasy XIV Online on an EVE V?

I ask because although they recently blame some technical crashes happening now on the latest patch, I fear that I may still have some sort of issue once it’s fixed on the game developer’s side. The current crashes that take place relate to the developer attempting to cap the FPS of the game to 90 and that has caused a lot of crashing with the game on all sorts of combinations of video cards and monitors - the crashes specifically show error messages related to ffxiv.exe and ffxiv-dx11.exe.

For the EVE V, this is happening, I haven’t found a surefire solution or workaround on the EVE V specifically that works. Sometimes I crash immediately and other times I crash after some time, but it definitely always crashes.

Is anyone else playing the game on their EVE V and have some specific advice related to our hardware?

Hi there, I have been playing Ff14 on the Eve for the past week, but I haven’t had any crashes

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