Feeble Sound Volume

My new V has just arrived and is indeed beautiful. BUT the sound is pathetic; hardly audible. I am crouched over the device straining to hear. Is there some other setting to adjust? (It says Realtek Audio on sound settings)
It is maybe one tenth as loud as my last Eve 7 device. Since I need to use it for Zoom meetings as well as listening concerts etc., it is of limited use. Surely I don’t need to buy an external speaker…for a lap top!

Mine is fine. Which means either I’m fortunate or it’s not a common issue perhaps.

Does anyone else have this issue. If not, suggest you contact support.

Hey @DavidC Glad to hear you got your V!

For the audio issue… what version of windows are you using and what audio driver version are you running?

Update from me.

Reviewing sound and video I filmed yesterday for my short film.

If I plug in my headphones , sound is good but on the V2 speakers it is super quiet, virtually can’t hear it.

The speakers on mine are quiet too. Like the max volume is the half of my smartphones speakers.

Hey everyone! I have brought this to the teams attention and will get back to you when I have more information regarding the issue!

I am experiencing this issue as well. I don’t see a way to tune the audio in the driver or windows. With the volume at 100% I can barely hear the speakers. They should be much louder especially since the V2 is supposed to have two low-range and two high-range speakers.

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