Feature Request: Volume control over DCI/DI/CEC

Hey there,

I have a 4k matte, and i love it. It works really well with the mac Lunar app to control brightness using keyboard keys or other automations. The one area where Lunar currently doesn’t work, is on many displays it offers control of the display’s audio output volume setting over DCI/DI. Does Spectrum 4k Matte have any DCI/DI command that Lunar could implement to control volume setting over the video port? If not, my request is that you might implement that feature in a firmware update.

It would really complete making the display feel “mac native” having feature parity with Apple’s own displays, when using third party apps like Lunar.

Other than that I’m really happy with it. It’s working very well with my M1 Apple Silicone Macbook Air, my intel Mac Mini, my Nintendo Switch, my PS5, and my rarely used Windows 10 PC.

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The team has stated that they have fully implemented DDC. The commands for volume control are standard, so it should work if they implemented it correctly. I haven’t tested it myself and can’t test it right now.

@systemofadead can we get some input on this?

Hey guys,

I have brought this up to the team. Awaiting feedback now :slight_smile:

Edit: current DDC indeed doesn’t support volume control. The plan is to fix it for the next update.