Feature Request: Ensure New V have Battery Limit control

So, my old Surface Pro 4 (sadly I discovered this only few days ago) has a UEFI control option to “Enable Battery Limit Mode” Battery Limit setting (Surface) - Surface | Microsoft Docs

This seems to be keeping my battery at 50%.
I would like to ensure, this option would be built in from the beginning and not a later update.
I don’t know if original V, had that option?



No - it was discussed at the time, but was never implemented for the original V.

Note that my V still has 0% wear even though it’s been charged/discharged many times, but I think that is because it doesn’t report the battery wear correctly.


Can confirm.

A brand new battery capacity would be around 100-105% of the design capacity, or at worst 97% if you’re really unlucky. It’s nearly impossible to get exactly 100.0%. If all of us got 100%, then there is something wrong with the BMS


Thank you guys for the confirmation the first V did not have this feature.

I think this is VERY important to push for dev team to add it, and the reason is simple:
When device is used in desktop mode most of its life, and battery is kept at 100% charge for months, it is degrading, a battery is not supposed to stay fully charged for long period, it causes damage to its chemistry.

Is there anything else I can do to raise awareness of this feature request, other than this post?
Its not complicated to implement, and is important in devices where battery is not replaceable.


We did try for the original V but it fell on deaf ears. You can try again for the V2 but I wouldn’t hold out too much hope.

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Well will see closer to shipment date… reservation could be cancelled, if price of competitors is lower/same, and alternatives are comparable in features.
It already looks like our “early bird” price, isn’t really low so will see…

How can we get attention of the developers to this issue? For a crow-sourced, focused on community development device, they seem to be hard to get a response to feature requests.
What can we do beyond this post?


We are looking into implementing a user-adjustable battery cap in the new V’s BIOS, which should help with extending the battery life span in the long run. Modern Windows laptops actually cap their battery capacity to 95% when reported as charged to 100%; on top of that, further limiting the max charging capacity will maximize battery health.


I have two Dell XPS Laptops, one 13 one 15". Both have this Dell Power control, where you set below which percentage your battery will charge, so you can leave it plugged in without being concerned that it charges when it is at 80%.
Also, you can limit the charge between 50 and 100.

All this is handy, but… oh there is a but(t)… :smile:
Both came with “8%” battery wear. Even though they are still good… don’t understand. AND, … … there is an “AND”…
I had to change the 15"'s battery because it didn’t last anymore more than 3 hours. I bought a new one, said “Dell”… and when I first had it in, “8% battery wear” :astonished: :flushed:

It’s still working quite well, but… and…

My V’s (which arrived I think a year ago?) has still… 0% battery wear… :upside_down_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

While a power control is nice,
AND I would like it as an app NOT in the BIOS, pretty please!!!,
BUT maybe not necessary? :slightly_smiling_face: if still working like the V1 battery?


It is best to be a BIOS-level function to work consistently regardless of OS, persist without issue through re-installs and while the device is in sleep or hibernate mode.

For a software solution to be non-bloatware, it needs to be not pre-installed and not resource-intensive, which requires extra development effort compared with the BIOS solution and not being a function available with the device alone.


ok so if you do, I guess I have to get a keyboard, I ordered my V without… :thinking:


A USB keyboard will do the job. :smile:

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Thank you!! That would be awesome.