Feature Request: Bluetooth

Hi all!

I apologize if this topic has been brought up before. I was just using my headphones the other day on the Eve and it came to me that bluetooth would be so awesome when it comes to pairing either beats or airpods to the monitor.

Would love some feedback and if anyone else would like to see this too! Thanks!

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I see some problems with this request:

  1. The monitors are already done the design phase and are onto manufacturing/shipping.
  2. Why not pair the Bluetooth headphone or speaker directly to the device that actually plays the audio? Like your phone or computer? It’d be faster and more direct.

That’s indeed something new.

You could get a cheap USB Bluetooth dongle and add it to the build in USB-Hub of the monitor, this should give you the same experience.

Adding wireless technology to a device will require new types of certification, so I would guess it makes the monitor more expensive for something a very small percent of users would use.
I would go with the 2€ Dongle and less expensive monitor :grin:

(I think they made this idea for the spectrum v2 :wink:)


Ok such a noob question. I’ve seen some Amazon dongles, but I don’t want to get one to have it not work with the monitor lol. Do you know one off hand that would work?

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This is a list of a few high rated dongles


I don’t have experience with these adapters, because my mainboard has build in BT.
You could test the TP-Link one, seems the rating is pretty good.

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Hey @Adam_Neshan,
Thank you for the suggestion, could be something we maybe are able look into the future. I’m not 100% sure how useful this feature would be though. Would the primary use-case be for Bluetooth audio?

If I could ask what device would you be using the dongle on? Like which device do you have connected to Spectrum? If the dongle was connected to one of Spectrum’s USB ports and your device is connected to the hub source input then this would work like connecting the dongle to the device in question. If you are using some form of computer this should be fine, but if using a console e.g., PS5. This probably won’t work because of the restrictions consoles set for USB devices. (I’m sure this is the case for the PS5, not sure about the XBSX)

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Hey Reign!

So i actually have a plethora hooked up to my Spectrum. I have a switch and Playstation 3 hooked up to one of the HDMI ports by using a splitter. I then have my PS5 hooked up in the other HDMI port.

For the switch and the Ps3, i would love to have bluetooth accessibility by simply pairing to the monitor or dongle. i know the switch has the function already, but its one of those little things it would be cool to just have, at least for the PlayStation 3.

I know, crazy setup haha.

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