Far Cry 6 Black and White bug

Anyone else get this? When I load the game on my 4K Spectrum the display goes black and white in and out of the game.

Wondering whether its a firmware thing or not?

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it’s a bug. Eve is aware of it and are looking into it. the fix will be in a firmware update. last i read they found a solution for AMD users but nothing for nvidia yet.

From what I read and experienced, its only happing when using HDR.
So turning off HDR would be a workaround until a fix arrives.

Other possible workarounds are older nvidia drivers, they seem to fix the issue in at least some cases.
I had less issues with Versions below 472.47.
It helped me with HDR Videoplayback, bu not Games.

Switching to nvidias “Studio Driver” removed the issue from every Game/App I used so far.

Btw. I think someone should make a post about known issues that are beeing worked on and possible workarounds.
There are multible Black&White Posts and I found more then one regarding the coil whine in the old firmware my monitor shipped with.

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Thanks I’ll give that a try, strange it didn’t happen when I was testing on Horizon Zero Dawn with HDR on. Weird non of the reviewers picked up on it either (from what I have seen anyway)

Completely agree there should be a known issue thread. I’m surprised Eve started shipping monitors with the firmware this bad, I’ve never had a monitor with buggy firmware before.

How did you fix this in the end? I’ve had the same issue at random running Doom Eternal, so far switching HDR off and then on again in the settings has fixed it which isn’t a huge hassle but if downgrading the driver worked I might give that a go.

I’ve not fixed it yet, still doing testing to find any other bugs with it. Running next to an LG 27GN950 so am running in duplicate display mode to compare, pretty much identical aside from the bugs with the Spectrum.

Just chiming in to say I have this issue with Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Cyberpunk 2077 looking grayscale (black and white) with hdr on.

However, No Man’s Sky is working properly with HDR. Looking forward to a firmware update.

Ran into this for the first time after starting up Days Gone. Played a number of games with HDR enabled without an issue (including Cyberpunk, weirdly).

Hi @waterdrinker666 & @Nick_Gauthier,

Please try upgrading to version 105, as there have been reports of this being resolved.


Yep, it’s fixed for me after updating to 105. Thanks!

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