[FAQ] Windows 10 on the V

This article applies to:

All users of the Eve V

This article was updated:

16-01-2018 (First version)

Pre-installed software on your Eve V

The V comes with either Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro pre-installed. We believe that bloatware is a horrible thing, and so we have not made deals with third-party software vendors to install all sorts of things that you don’t need on your V just so we can make a few bucks. Just Windows, the way Microsoft intended it.

We have added the drivers that are required to make your V function, of course. And the CalMAN Client 3 software by SpectraCal. That last one is there to activate the unique color profile we have made for your device: each V is individually calibrated to give you a color-accurate experience.

Which operating system is pre-installed?

By default, the V ships with a copy of Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update), 64-bit. If you have opted for the upgrade during the order process, you will receive Windows 10 Pro instead of Windows 10.

Due to the nature of the hardware that makes up the V, it is possible to install other x86-compatible operating systems on the device. We are not currently offering the option of purchasing the V without Windows.

Windows license key

Each copy of Windows is tied to a so-called license key: a code required when Windows is installed, that proves that you paid for Windows and are thus allowed to use it.

In earlier versions of Windows, this code was found on a certificate of authenticity; traditionally an actual certificate stuck on the front of the Windows user manual (back when software still came with paper manuals), later a small sticker on the CD box, DVD box, or somewhere on the computer case. Starting with Windows 8 computers with Windows pre-installed do not always carry these stickers, and today most computers no longer use them.

Instead, the code is stored in the device firmware (the software that’s built into the device and does not get lost when the storage drive is erased), and is registered alongside a hardware ID of your device on Microsoft’s servers when you activate your device.

Where do I find the license key?

When you (re-)install Windows 10 on your device, you will not be asked for a license key. The installer will either read the key from the device firmware during the install process, or will determine that the device is eligible for that license when you try to activate Windows. This is a great quality-of-life improvement compared to entering and re-entering long codes!

If you want to make doubly sure that your key is safe, then you can link your license to your Microsoft Account. WindowsCentral has a convenient guide for that here.

How do I re-install Windows?

Windows 10 has a built-in tool to reset your system. This allows you to either revert to factory default, or to revert settings and system files whilst maintaining your personal documents. You can find this option in Start > Settings > Update & Security. In the Recovery tab, click Get Started under the header Reset this PC. You can then follow the instructions on the screen.

If you need to perform a clean install after erasing your entire storage drive, you will need an install medium. To do this, download and run the Media Creation Tool directly from Microsoft’s website, and follow the on-screen instructions to properly format and prepare a USB-stick. You can then boot the V from this USB-stick and the installer will guide you through the process of re-installing Windows 10. You can prepare this USB-stick ahead of time, or using a different computer running Windows.

Windows should find and install all appropriate drivers. Should a driver for any hardware be missing, you can download it from our support page.

(We are aware that other solutions exist towards making a bootable Windows install drive. For inexperienced users, we recommend using Microsoft’s official tool, as it makes both obtaining the Windows installation files and the creation of the install drive a safe and easy process.)