[FAQ] When power on device, I see built-in EFI Shell interface, what should I do to fix it?

When power on, if you see the following interface instead of normal Windows start interface, it usually means the boot option is somehow changed to built-in EFI Shell

In order to fix the issue and start Windows, please do the following:

  1. Reboot the device (you can input exit and Enter in the Shell command line, or just long press the power button)

  2. In “made by us” interface during startup, press Esc multiple times

  3. Now you should be at BIOS/UEFI user interface like below

  1. in the interface, you’ll have too options:

Option 1: press Fn+F3 to reset default settings, save and exit (by pressing Fn+F4, or move to [Save&Exit] to do so).

Option 2: move to [Boot-options], and select Hard Disk: Windows Boot Manager for Boot Option #1, then save and exit (by pressing Fn+F4, or move to [Save&Exit] to do so).
Boot options

  1. Now your device will restart and you should be able to normally use Windows

Addition to point 5. I do not have a V but it is on other BIOS normally this way:
Wouldn’t you need to save and then exit the BIOS (should be F4 key)

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F4 in the picture - guess it covered by saying save and exit in text, but no harm calling out press F4 :slight_smile: