[FAQ] V Charger Specification

Hiya everyone!

Since there have been quite a bunch of questions about our charger, I wanted to write up the facts about charger - so here you go!


  • Input: 100-240V
  • Output: 45W
  • Ports: USB-C (cable replaceable)
  • Included Cable: USB-C, 2.5 Meter
  • Charging Technology: USB PowerDelivery (PD)
  • USB PD:
    • 5V 3A (15W)
    • 9V 3A (27W)
    • 15V 3A (45W)

This means the charger can be used to charge other modern devices that support the USB PD protocol like e.g. the MacBook Retina 12" or a Nintendo Switch.
The adapters that come with the charger allow you to use your V in most countries around the world!

If you’ve got any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask away!


Cool! Can we get more pics, and measurements? Does the standard adapter fold in?


What is the weight???

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Yes… they will produce a glossy one just for you :smiley:


Kind-of related, but not necessarily exactly, what’s the minimum wattage of power brick required to run the V on “full power” and still not drain the battery? So backlight full, CPU pegged (all cores 100%), etc. Is 45W enough? More than enough? Just curious for when buying additional adapters if needed.

On that note, how much for buying an additional Eve-brand power adapter?

45W falls in the ‘more than enough’-category. Off the top of my head, the original adapter was 29W. We were just able to source better quality adapters that as a bonus you can use for a wider range of applications.

Extra adapters should be on offer in the web shop, though I’m not sure on the price. Maybe someone who ordered one in the Backerkit stage will know how much they cost back then. It’s no guarantee that the price will be the same in the web shop, but it’ll give an indication!


Nice !! I love it ,…
no branding with eve?

I ordered a spare - ie for travelling

Spec then was

Eve V 36W USB-C power adapter USD 29
2.5m charging cable (USB-c to USB-c) USD 15

Ideally what comes will be the updated 45 W - let you know in a week or so

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Thanks for the info, one open questions, would be great if you could answer this:

Which PD levels does the V support? Does it charge at max. 27W? Which other power rules are supported?

Just asking because of alternate chargers, my LG screen has USB C PD output, but it seems like it has only 5V@2A and 12V@3A according to this gtrusted review.

Also planning on buying a big power bank and they sometimes do not support all power rules. This 26800mAh RavPower powerbank has for example only 5V/3A,9V/2A,15V/2A,20V/1.5A. If the V didn’t support 30W with 15V@2A it would fall back to 15W.


first of all, thanks @iKirin for posting the specs!
same as the post above, I too am looking to power the V through usb-pd enabled powerbanks, it would be nice to know the power rules (though i vaguely remember that info being posted somewhere else, max is 27W@9v/3A).

@hellBENder you might want to check out the Anker 28600mAh, since it seems to be able to input & output at 9v/3A

click to show pic


one thing I notice, however, is the lack of an additional USB charging port on the charger as to let it charge more than one device at a time (like Aukey PA-Y10). Maybe nobody wanted this feature when deciding on the V’s charger, though I find it quite useful. Good job on the modular connectors, wish the aukey charger has them too.

edited a few times to add details i thought of after posting, better than making a few posts IMO

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does this means that the v could be charged in 64 min? :slight_smile:

I know, but the problem with the Anker is that it can’t charge and discharge simultaneously. I want that feature for bike tours, charging the powerbank through the bike’s hub dynamo while biking and charging devices at the same time, using the powerbank as buffer so that the devices don’t suffer from a constantly changing current.

Good idea through the bike charging. What will be its capabilities ? Just curious. Ever thought about this, should be good especially during summer.

interesting use case. it seems that this is anker’s reply to not offering pass through charging…

there’s also the Aukey PB-Y7, though i can’t find any information on it’s ability for pass through charging (seems unlikely, sadface)

unfortunately, my google-fu says that powerbanks with high capacity, offer 27W@9V/3A, and does pass through charging, doesn’t yet exist. Time for project 4.0 maybe?

(sorry for the way out of topic, this should have been in the powerbank thread)


Thanks a lot for that link, now I don’t like pass through charging anymore. :grin: I thought this would allow me to use the navigation for several hours without discharging the phone. But i guess it will work without: charging the powerbank while biking, and when the phone is enjoy, recharge with the powerbank. Then charge the powerbank again. Or I could look into solar power.

So the Anker would be fine. Will buy a powerbank as soon as my V arrives and post the results.


So now I’m wondering if I can use my Lumia 950XL charger and “dock” with the V when it arrives?
I’ll have to wait and see, as I don’t have the charger specs at hand at the moment.

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The 950(XL) chargers use Qualcomm QuickCharge, not USB-PD. So if you plug it in, it will only provide 5V and that won’t be enough to charge the V… Something tells me the same thing will happen if you try to charge the V through the Continuum Dock.

You may be able to use the Continuum Dock as a non-charging dock though, which would give you a bit of extra USB-A and HDMI. I for sure will be trying that on my own V as soon as I get it!

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Lumia 950 charger next to me: Only 5V/3A output => 15W. I guess that’s too little :frowning: Also, the charger for the Lumia dock is the same, so with the dock attached, it will be even less power left to power up the V.

Afaik, Continuum dock is only working with external power - though it is quite small and brings quite some ports with it, another power cable for powering up the dock is overkill imo.

@Helios: Would you have any info about possibility of coil whine within the charger? What is Eve’s commitment here? Could I get a replacement of a whining charger?

@Team => I need more information about this sentence :

Because I ordered a spare Charger because of this :

So finally do I “lost money” or not ? :zipper_mouth_face:

Kirin, is there a reason why the cable was not built into the charger? I feel that if you are on the go, the constant wear and tear of plugging and unplugging will damage the port area of the charger brick.

Also, if the cable is replaceable, which brand would Eve recommend? There was a Google engineer that found most usb c cables are not made to spec and can cause fires or damage the devices.