[FAQ] Quick guide for your new V!

Hello community!

We have collected some important bits and pieces of information for you to enjoy your V right from the beginning!

You can start using your V right out of the box. Only thing you need to do is to initialize your Windows. After that you can start exploring your new device. There is no need to make a clean install or uninstall third party bloatware as we provided you a bloatware free experience. :heart_eyes:

Here are couple of hints for you:

V Keyboard
We shot a short instructional video of the keyboard functions that will make you familiar with the keyboard functions. There is also a detailed version of the keyboard instructions in the community, you can find both the video and written instructions in Additional V keyboard instructions.

Type C USB ports
Upper USB-C port is USB 3.0, lower one is TB3. Both USB-C can be used for charging.
Your power button is also integrated with finger print sensor.

Then there are couple of things we would like you to consider before trying everything on your V.

Color calibration
Your display is color calibrated and the calibration file is in your V storage. It is important to notice that there is a possibility to lose that calibration in some ways. You can find detailed explanation how the color calibration works in Konstantinos’ post about color calibration. Color calibration is added value to your V, and the file is not saved elsewhere.

Calibration file location

The database file to back up is stored on the local system getting calibrated under
“C:\ProgramData\SpectraCal\CalMAN Client 3\Data”

The file name is


  • Reinstall your Windows
  • Reset your install without retaining your personal files
  • Install a new OS over your existing Windows installation

If you don’t back up your calibration, it’ll be lost forever!

Recovering or resetting the V
We also have tested V recovery option and it should work just fine, but if you encounter any problems with your V where you might want to use recovery or factory reset options, please contact us first via our website. We want to know if there are any hiccups and we might have a solution to your problem too.

Our Support Page

These are just precautions at this point of time. We will smooth out the experience with new instructions and updates in the future.

And most importantly, have a great time with your new V! :tada:


Thanks reappear. I actually think the info about backing up the Calibration file (particularly in case of rebuild) is critical and should be brought to the attention of every purchaser and/or Eve should keep a copy of each file against each order number (or maybe bound to each account in the Eve Shop for future download).

… as long as my understanding is right… that colour calibration would be off and irretrievable (without calibration hardware) following a rebuild…?


I’m not sure Eve has access to Calibration set to order ID. Or access to the calibration code at all. I would recommend saving a backup of the color calibration in a cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud or whatnot.

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@Jersey while it’s a good idea, I don’t think it’s doable for us that we’re keeping the calibration file - just getting them and then properly storing them would be it’s own adventure.

@TristanSchaaf made a great suggestion in storing your calibration in GDrive, or other cloud storage services as we can’t help you retrieve the file if it’s lost.

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Storing it in Gdrive sounds like a great idea! Maybe a quick walktrough how to find the file and store it could be pinned somewhere? Just to make sure I, for example, won’t accidentally delete the whole file. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is in a spoiler in the page :wink:

Ahh didn’t realise that thanks! :slight_smile:

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Saving calibration on a (or 2) external drive(s) won’t do it? Why online?

I think Gdrive was just an example. It’s fast and easy. Personally I don’t see why it couldn’t be saved on an external drive.

You can of course save it to anywhere you want.

Best is of course to save it in multiple places, external hdd/usb stcik + onedrive/gdrive/dropbox etc


Saving on external drives isn’t bad. Personally I think a cloud is a saver bet. You can lose external drives, they can fail. Or you might not have it with you when you need it. With cloud you have it so long you have internet. The usual arguments. Plus I assume this isn’t that big of a file, so most cloud services could store it for free.

But external drive is absolutely an option.

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But do remember Konstas post about the color calibration that was linked in the guide. Here is a partial quote:

Maintaining the same Windows installation and upgrading to Windows 10 Pro keeps the calibration intact.

Another good reason for cloud storage for backup purposes is the “physical proximity” problem in case of a disaster. The most likely (for most) is fire. If you have a fire at home, your backups are all gone too.

That being said, it’s not as much of a thing in the case of a V calibration file. If you have your V with you (it’s a portable device) when you had a fire at home, you’re fine, since the file is on there doing it’s thing. And if the V is at home, the calibration file isn’t much help anyways (your computer/display is destroyed), so having it in cloud backup really didn’t help you!

Cloud backup is convenient though. There’s always that.

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I just looked around on your links to inform myself, but there is a problem… In the case I would have a problem. Clear, I would look around if any other on the webside or here in the community had it checked already, but I haven’t seen something like an support or help mail adress on the support side. I think its hiding XD
(no I haven’t any problem, but it would be nice to know the result if it would become the case)

If I needed help I would typically contact Support@eve-tech.com

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Hi there! There is a nice possibility to send your request via our support page. After clicking “Contact support” you’ll see a form that you can fill and send to us.

If for some reason there is a problem with the form, you can of course come here in the community to ask about it. There was some brief issue with the form around the flash sales but it’s working again normally.


:frowning_face::sweat_smile: omg now I’m feeling silly… thougth the headliners started with faq are like an explorer path… :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: tryed it with your discription and find out that there are a few more pages


Here is a suggestion, keep it in gdrive & dropbox & onedrive & whatever cloud service & 1 thumb drive at your night stand & 1 thumb drive in your wallet & 1 thumb drive under your shoe & 1 thumb drive in your office & 1 thumb drive in your car & so on…

Multiple backups of a backups will ensure you will never lose the config file unless the world comes to the end or zombies…:wink:

Sorry. I was just too bored :joy:


Considering that the calibration profile is tied to windows license, how would one get a calibrated display if one chooses to install linux on V?

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Or after changing his Windows license.