[FAQ] My device has a dead pixel, is it covered by warranty?

Eve, as a new and young company just entering the industry, follows the industrial normal quality standard for most components.

Dead pixels are an issue that cannot be 100% eliminated in the current common production process.
Therefore, some of the display panels shipped to Eve come with dead pixel(s). Eve and its agent will inspect the quality of EVERY penal when in-bounding, during assembling, and after production.

Below is the quality standard for dead pixel used by Eve, the supplier, the manufacturer, and the 3rd-party QC company. This standard is also used for consumer warranty case inspections.

Applicable area:
1 mm within the display area, as shown in the following picture
*Only dead pixels in applicable area count

Dead pixel type:

  • Single-dead-pixel dot (each count as 1 dead pixel)
  • Two-joined-dead-pixel dot (each count as 2 dead pixel)
  • Three-joined-dead-pixel dot (each count as 3 dead pixels)
  • Four-or-more-joined-dead-pixel dot

Maximum dead pixels allowed

  • Maximum Single-dead-pixel dot allowed: 5
  • Maximum Two-joined-dead-pixel dot allowed: 2
  • Maximum Three-joined-dead-pixel dot allowed: 1
  • Four-or-more joined-dead-pixel dot: 0
  • Maximum total number of dead pixels: 5

Pass :grin: : a panel has 1 Single-dead-pixel dot
Pass :grin: : a panel has 2 Two-joined-dead-pixel dots
Pass :grin: : a panel has 1 Single-dead-pixel dot and 1 Two-joined-dead-pixel dot in applicable area
Pass :grin: : a panel has 1 Single-dead-pixel dot and 2 Three-joined-dead-pixel dots in applicable area
Pass :grin: : a panel has 2 Three-joined-dead-pixel dots in non-applicable area
Failed :frowning_face: : a panel has 2 Three-joined-dead-pixel dots in in applicable area
Failed :frowning_face: : a panel has 1 Four-or-more joined-dead-pixel dot in applicable area
Failed :frowning_face: : a panel has 4 Single-dead-pixel dots and 1 Two-joined-dead-pixel dot in applicable area
Failed :frowning_face: : a panel has 1 Single-dead-pixel dot, 1 Two-joined-dead-pixel dot, and 1 Three-joined-dead-pixel dot in applicable area.


My personal experience with 'industry standard" of dead pixel is different - Microsoft, Dell, IBM/Lenovo, MSI, Asus, Sony every time exchanged devices with 1 dead pixel.

Here is for example dell’s policy

Dell allows maximum 6 dead pixels for laptop LCD screen

Below is an article collects dead pixel policy of most mainstream brands.

When Eve grows big, we for sure will use higher quality standard to provide better customer experience.

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Maybe they have this policy written - by I was writing about my experience with them.

I’m not gonna say the website is a bunch of BS, but it literally says…

5.529.600 PIXELS

If turns out devices can ship with 1 (or more) less, and not covered under warranty, isn’t it false advertising?


looking forward to a response on this one for sure! :wink:


Not to be the devil’s advocate, but technically the pixel is there, it’s just not functioning properly. You’re getting every single pixel that was advertised (in theory, I don’t think anybody has counted them).


I’m not sure how an advertising slogan can be considered a detailed policy statement on warranty associated with dead pixels. But remember each “pixel” is actually 3 colored pixels (red, green, blue), so even with a number of those RGB pixels being dead or always on, you have a lot more than 5.5million RGB pixels on your screen. :slight_smile:

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Well, they didn’t say they’d ship a functioning tablet either…